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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Man in sombrero playing trumpet among entries you can vote for in 2017 US Congressional Art Competition per Arizona Republican Rep. Martha McSally's website

From GOP Establishment Rep. McSally's website: "Help Choose a Winner for the 2017 Congressional Art Competition." 

"It's up to YOU to help pick one of this year's winners of the 2017 Congressional Art Competition. Vote for your favorite artwork on my Facebook Page. Voting ends on May 17th." 


Comment: The US political class would love to switch electorates with Mexico. They'd much prefer slaves willing to work for 53 cents an hour in a corrupt, genocidal state. The US political class despises voters, wants them to shut up and leave them alone to make deals. Mexico's minimum wage of 53 cents an hour (80 pesos per day. 80 pesos=$4.25 US dollars. $4.25 divided by 8 hours=53 cents) guarantees a constant flow of slave labor to the US and billions in remittances sent back to Mexico through US and Mexican banks. From 1990-2000 the US added 500,000 Mexicans every year.


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