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Monday, May 29, 2017

BBC 'climate' headlines unwittingly make the point: 5/27/17, 'World awaits Trump decision on Paris deal,' and 5/28/17, 'Trump keeps world waiting on Paris deal.' The unwitting point: US taxpayers can no longer bear the burden of being responsible for the entire world, whatever the issue may be. Nor should anyone. The US wants friendly relations with everyone and to help whenever we can, but we can't be expected to be responsible for 'the world'

BBC headlines, May 27 and May 28, 2017, referencing expectations of massive US taxpayer funding of so-called Paris "climate change" deal (on top of billions of US taxpayer dollars already diverted to alleged global CO2 danger which, even if it exists, is controlled by Communist China--as everyone knows):

May 27, 2017, "Climate change: World awaits Trump decision on Paris deal," BBC


May 28, 2017, "Climate change: Trump keeps world waiting on Paris deal," BBC

Added: Even "UN Secretary General [Antonio Guterres] tells the BBC the Paris agreement won't crumble regardless of US position."...

"Antonio Guterres: "The agreement doesn't collapse if a country leaves the agreement." 5/28/17. image from BBC video 


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