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Monday, May 15, 2017

Mr. Clapper, the FBI and CIA weren't created by the Founding Fathers, nor were they created to add checks and balances. The FBI, created in 1908, and the CIA, created in 1947, both added power to the executive branch. Jackasses always slip up when they try to pass themselves off as admirers of the Founding Fathers

5/14/17, "James Clapper: U.S. System Of Checks And Balances Is "Under Assault" By President Donald Trump," Real Clear Politics, Tim Hains 

Former intelligence chief James Clapper on CNN, Sun., 5/14/17, says US institutions are are under assault by President Trump following the firing of former FBI Director James Comey: 

"CLAPPER: The founding fathers, in their genius, created three co-equal branches of government, and a built in system of checks and balances, and I feel as though that is under assault, and is eroding."...

(The FBI was created in 1908 as an executive branch agency, not by the founding fathers as a check or balance on the president.)"


The CIA wasn't created until 1947. Like the FBI, the CIA was not created by the founding fathers as a check or balance on the president. It added to the executive branch:

"In 1947 Congress passed the National Security Act, which created the National Security Council (NSC) and, under its direction, the CIA. Given extensive power to conduct foreign intelligence operations, the CIA was charged with advising the NSC on intelligence matters, correlating and evaluating the intelligence activities of other government agencies, and carrying out other intelligence activities as the NSC might require."...

2007, "Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)," Encyclopedia Britannica, Robert W. Pringle

Above, 1775, Americans fighting British imperialism (the "Redcoats"), from


Comment: It's also impossible that founding fathers said US taxpayers should be forced to pay all the bills for the FBI, CIA and endless new parasitic groups created year in and year out for all eternity.


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