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Friday, May 26, 2017

Gary Cohn demonstrates George Soros level contempt for Trump voters. Since Trump chose Cohn, he has the same contempt. Cohn says about Trump on climate and EU personnel: "He came here to learn and he came here to get smarter." Trump could become "much more knowledgable" on "climate" issue in one day by talking to EU parasites. To Cohn and Trump: Go to hell. We're "smart" too: We know we've been forced to pay billions for a global money laundering operation set up in the White House in 1990

To Gary Cohn: Please give 3 examples of how EU parasites can make Trump or anyone "smarter" on the CO2 terror issue supposedly caused by Americans in the Industrial Revolution. First, the global CO2 terror industry was created by the US political class and is alive today only because of them. Why would anyone go to an EU parasite meeting "to learn" anything other than how easy it is for monarchies to steal from peasants or commit genocide against the entire European continent? European monarchs for decades have jet setted around to "global climate" conferences--to help their US Ruling Class pals reduce industry in the US and eliminate the annoying US middle class. Targeting a group of people for extinction is Lemkin's definition of genocide. The "global climate" money laundering operation was established in 1990 by GHW Bush in the White House and 13 federal agencies (USGCRP) for the purpose of forcing US taxpayers to finance in perpetuity a new global money laundering operation, "global climate science." For decades, billions of taxpayer dollars have been diverted from the poor and needy to climate profiteers. US taxpayers are utterly defenseless against the corrupt US political class. That's why Gary Cohn can be so smug.

May 26, 2017, "White House: Trump's views 'evolving' on Paris climate agreement," Washington Examiner, Alex Pappas
"President Trump is still thinking through the arguments"...

[Ed. note: What "arguments?" Such as, "Why not?" Trump voters are defenseless, so why not screw them? Go full George Soros. Soros really "cares," right? You now claim you're open for discussion on an issue that has no gray area whatsoever, that has always been about the US political class permanently laughing at and enslaving Americans. We knew for sure the others considered us slaves. Now we know Trump does too.]

(continuing): "as he decides whether the United States should withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, senior administration officials said Friday.

"I think his views are evolving," White House national economic council director Gary Cohn told reporters in Sicily. 

"And he came here to learn and he came here to get smarter."

"The president is thinking about what his options are and is taking in what he learned from world leaders today," Cohn said."...

[Ed. note: Why isn't Trump "thinking about" what he "learned" for a year and a half from Americans who came to his rallies and voted for him believing in particular that he'd put an end to this decades long vicious crime? Instead, in one day Trump will "learn" something from disgusting EU parasites whose only interest (after committing genocide of European populations) is getting Trump to finish the job of genocide of the US]

(continuing): ""If he were standing here, he would tell you he feels much more knowledgeable on the topic today, even though I think he's very very knowledgable in talking with leaders and having an exchange with many leaders today that have been talking about this topic for years.""...

[Ed. note: Years? Try decades, pal. Americans have been forced to pay billions for "this topic" for decades. EU parasites will remind Trump that US taxpayers are global slaves and he can do whatever he wants to them.]

(continuing): "Trump, who has been on a foreign swing as president, is in Sicily on Friday and Saturday for the G7 summit. The White House has said Trump won't announce his decision on the Paris Agreement until after the summit."...


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