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Friday, April 21, 2017

With trillions at stake, our united Republican and Democrat slavemasters are poised to kick into high gear to punish American voters and stop Trump's agenda. Attacks on Trump will be bigger than ever. Globalist fat cats behind GOP E believe US tax dollars belong to them. GOP E fully funded all Obama programs 2010-16-sundance (We're supposed to shut up like they do in France)

Our key slavemasters

4/21/17, "OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Discusses The Pending Economic Policy Confrontation," tcth, sundance

"Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney appears on Bloomberg News to discuss the seismic, epic, thundershock confrontational clash that is about to take place between the Trump administration and the DC UniParty.

There are no adjectives capable of describing the scope and immeasurable scale of the battle that is about to transpire between the White House and the Democrat/Republican UniParty. MONEY is where every entity within the full-swamp goes nuclear against President Trump and the administration. Despite all prior discussions toward this end, it is doubtful that more than one-in-a-million people can fully grasp the dynamic at play....

If you are interested in deep political weeds, keep reading. However, if you have blood pressure issues or are concerned about your physical or mental health, STOP HERE and go enjoy life. Believe me.

From a political perspective the outline of the assembled enemy forces are evident. Next week former President Obama is scheduled to reappear in Chicago. This is not coincidental. There are trillions of dollars at stake.

Every vested financial interest has been, and is now, prepared to do battle against President Trump. All of the body blows from the media, including their professional gaslighting efforts, were merely to soften Trump up for the pending attacks.

All of the previous accusations, ridicule, marginalization, probes and diminishment efforts by the media and their multinational corporate entities will pale in comparison to what lies ahead.

If you listen to Mulvaney carefully, and accept that the UniParty apparatus is real and purposeful, then you can see the scope of the financial strategy coming from DC. Remember, the BIG CLUB has paid for legislative policy. They will not allow those payments to be non-reciprocated, all of the DC politicians are now commissioned to fight without limits or rules on their behalf.

BIG CLUB: ♦Retention of ObamaCare. ♦Deep Federal Spending. ♦NO border wall. ♦Open-ended immigration until congress delivers comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty. ♦Tax Cuts (corporate revenue enhancements).

House Speaker Paul Ryan will use the budgetary rules process, as a backdoor, to leverage the U.S. CoC [Chamber of Commerce] Lobbyists construct of the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT).

No-one paid by the Big Club in Washington DC will willingly support the Border Wall.

Think about what Director Mulvaney is saying in the video above.   Mulvaney is highlighting the point that tax/budget will either use the reconciliation process, or not – depending on the opposition and depending on the support.

Any budget can pass the house with a simple majority, the Republicans have full control.

However, when the budget reaches the Senate if they are going to use “reconciliation” (simple majority/republicans only) the budget must be revenue neutral beyond 10 yearsif the tax plan/budget is going to be permanent.

If the Tax-Plan/Budget delivered to the Senate is not deemed revenue neutral (scored by CBO) beyond 10 years, it cannot be permanent and use the reconciliation process (simple majority).   Such a plan must contain a sunset provision or an expiration date. 

A permanent tax plan/budget that is: not deficit neutral, and beyond the 10 year scope, will require support from more than just 52 republican senators to pass; because it will mean long-term deficit spending.

Here’s where the...UniParty comes into play. This is not a Democrat -vs- White House issue.

President Trump cannot present a balanced budget with drastic cuts to government, because UniParty republicans will not support it.  They, along with Democrats, will demand more spending.

Most of those same UniParty republicans are already opposed to the border wall. They view funding for the border wall as a negotiation tool to keep the federal government spending on other facets. President Trump cannot fund the wall, and simultaneously fund their big government spending indulgences without deficit spending.

Enter [pathetic] Paul Ryan.

Ryan will propose this Border Adjustment Tax, a program Trump hates, as the revenue tool to provide the funding for the tax/budget that contains the border wall funding. See how that works?

[U.S. CoC and Ryan ] – The U.S. CoC get their B.A.T, which is essentially a tax against consumers allowing big corporations to fatten their bottom line, by forcing Trump to give up his border wall or go along with their proposal.

Wait, you ask: …what about renegotiated trade deals with (Mexico) via NAFTA that will, essentially, provide the revenue that more than pays for the wall?

Great question. Yes, the renegotiated NAFTA deals would easily provide the treasury revenue that will offset any wall expenditures.

However, now you understand why congress is refusing to accept the NAFTA “letter of intent” from Commerce Secretary Ross.  The republican UniParty congress is blocking, well, actually they are ‘strategically delaying‘, Wilbur Ross from renegotiating the trade deal with Mexico – and by doing so they are blocking the revenue that would undermine their tax/budget scheme and argument in favor of the B.A.T.

Remember, accepting the letter of intent triggers the start of a 90-day waiting period before Ross can open NAFTA.  Congress is waiting to accept, until the end of the 90-day period falls AFTER October 1st 2017, the beginning of Fiscal Year 2018.

This UniParty approach robs the White House from using the anticipated Mexican money as a point of reference (political talking point) for the current tax and budget proposals which begin October 1st for fiscal year 2018.  (The B.A.T also impacts the possibility of a greater economic trade deal with Mexico from the tax side.) See how that works? [Hence, the blood pressure warnings]

This is not a Democrat party working against the White House. This is a republican UniParty working against the White House. 

Speaker Ryan is positioning funding for the border wall contingent upon Trump accepting the blanket B.A.T as revenue to pay for it.

This is the position of the Lobbyists within the U.S. CoC. If Ryan wins we are all screwed because essentially the tax revenue will be on our backs for every product imported and exported. But the big corporations love the enhancements to their bottom lines.

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney is trying to position and protect President Trump from having to accept the B.A.T. because the BAT is antithetical to the economic trade policy, targeted tariff approach, President Trump wants to take.

Simultaneously, Mulvaney is trying to get President Trump the initial start up money for the Border Wall so he doesn’t have to accept Ryan’s BAT.

Ergo Mick Mulvaney is trying to draw in Democrat votes to offset the scheme of Ryan which is relying only upon Republican votes. [John Boehner did this all the time]. If Mulvaney can get Democrats to vote for funding the border wall by giving them funding to continue ObamaCare, Mulvaney won’t need Ryan’s BAT revenue because he’ll have votes to support a deficit bill.

However, Democrats don’t want the border wall either; but they also don’t want ObamaCare to collapse earlier due to funding shortages within the insurance reimbursement program (cost share programs)....

It always helps to remind and re-emphasize to people that Republicans in congress (House and Senate – ’10 through ’16) fully funded all of Obama’s policies and programs."

images from The Last Refuge, sundance 

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