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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Egyptian President al-Sisi expresses his optimism about President Trump in interview broadcast 4/5/17

4/5/17, Following is excerpt from Egyptian President al-Sisi interview with Bret Baier broadcast 4/5/17 on Fox News. Transcript excerpts are by The Conservative Treehouse via Fox News video: 4/5/17, "President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Discusses His Optimism for President Trump’s Freedom Alliance," tcth, sundance

"Brett Baier: Your assessment of President Trump? 

al-Sisi: “I first saw the campaign of his excellency President Trump, and I listened to his speech of the neccessity of facing and confronting terrorism all over the world; that he is a great personality and a unique individual, and that he will find great success.” “I fully trust the capabilities of President Trump, and I have full conviction that he can do things, exert efforts, that very few people can do.  And he can succeed in so many fields that others cannot.  I trust him wholeheartedly.  And again, I congratulate you for having him.” 

Baier: I know you were one of the first to call and congratulate him, if not the first; what is your relationship like between you two? 

al-Sisi: “I followed all his announcements through his campaign, he has a very unique personality and administration, and now I’m speaking with full confidence of unprecedented success for him.  He is seeking the interests of the United States and the American people in a very clear manner, and a very direct manner. And a very strong manner as well.” “His true will is a very strong will to counter terrorism and extremism in the world; and that is a very strong commitment from his excellency the president, and in addition I am very supportive with full force in facing this terrorism.” 

Baier:  Did President Trump talk about aid to Egypt?

al-Sisi:  “All I can say in this regard is that his excellency the President promised to support Egypt, with very strong support. And I trust his promise.” 

Baier: You expressed concerns with President Obama. Obviously President Trump is establishing a different relationship with Egypt, can you talk about that difference? 

al-Sisi:  “That is true, this is true.  There is a true understanding to the realities in the region, and there is a seriousness and responsible actions in facing extremism and terrorism in the region, and that’s a wonderful thing indeed.  There is nothing better than to counter evil. 

Baier:  So it's very different? 

al-Sisi: Yes!

Baier: I get the English “Yes” for that?

al-Sisi: YES !  (Laughing)"...

Preview: Entire region has suffered in recent years:

 4/3/17, "Exclusive: Egyptian President Talks to Bret Baier About Meeting With Trump," Fox News

"In a preview clip, Sisi spoke about Russia's involvement in Syria and interests in the Middle East. He said that the vacuum left by the Obama administration enabled Russia to take a greater foothold in the region. 

"Many things over the last four years occurred and caused many, many problems," Sisi said. "That's a fact. The region is paying a very heavy price for that, not just Syria. The entire region is paying that price.""...


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