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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Trump admin. adding to swamp, not draining it: 'Why is Ivanka Trump Consorting With Clintonista/Obamanik Jamie Gorelick? 9/11 Enabler, Fannie Mae Scammer?' Why is Rush Limbaugh silent about Gorelick now after his years of negative comments about her?-Debbie Schlussel

4/3/17, "Why is Ivanka Trump Consorting With Clintonista/Obamanik Jamie Gorelick? 9/11 Enabler, Fannie Mae Scammer?" Debbie Schlussel 

"Why is Special Assistant to the President and First Daughter Ivanka Trump consorting with Jamie Gorelick, a moldy barnacle of both the Clinton and Obama administrations?

Last week, when stories about Ivanka Trump’s new status as an official White House employee surfaced, so did a dreadful name from the past: Jamie Gorelick, who is now serving as Ivanka Trump’s ethics lawyer and adviser. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Gorelick is a hack lawyer who’s been a regular fixture in the smoky back rooms of both the Clinton and Obama administrations. 

And she’s the extremely partisan figure who served on the 9/11 Commission despite being at least partly to blame for 9/11. You’ll recall that Gorelick was the Clinton Justice Department Deputy Attorney General who wrote the memo to top Clinton administration officials forbidding the sharing of information between the FBI and the CIA. 

The “Chinese Wall” she insisted on led to the inability of the FBI and CIA to communicate and share intelligence regarding several of the 9/11 hijackers–information that certainly would have led officials of both agencies to discover the 9/11 plot and perhaps thwart it. It also made it easier for the hijackers to enter America without anyone who vetted (such that there is any vetting beyond the usual five minutes spent on applications) having access to information regarding who these men actually were and what they were involved in.

The [intelligence] “wall” was a stupid thing, but it’s the kind of wall uber-liberal witches and warlocks like Gorelick insist upon, jeopardizing (and, in that case, costing) the lives of Americans, while they oppose the only kinds of walls we need for national security–physical walls on our borders.
Gorelick isn’t just a hack liberal partisan. She was a major donor and considered for top law enforcement posts during the Obama administration. Gorelick served on Barack Obama’s transition team. She donated over $10,000 to Obama’s Presidential campaigns. And Obama was seriously considering her for the position of FBI Director, despite the fact–again–that she created the silly “Chinese wall” that likely led to the 9/11 attacks’ successful perpetration. 

Then, there is Ms. Gorelick’s disastrous Clinton-era tenure on the board of the Federal National Mortgage Association a/k/a “Fannie Mae.” It’s Exhibit A of how so-called public service can become a get-rich-quick scheme if you know the right people. Bill Clinton appointed Gorelick Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae, where she served from 1997-2003, despite having zero experience in the financial industry. During her tenure and “leadership,” Fannie Mae lost an unaccounted-for $10 billion dollars. Yet, she was rewarded with a nearly-million-dollar bonus (after Fannie Mae falsified transactions to make it appear that targets had been met and exceeded) and earned over $26 million dollars. 

Twenty-six million dollars for six years “work,” [page 66,] zero experience, and a $10 billion loss? Nice work if you can get it. And you can only get that stuff if you’re one of the special few who’s connected to the establishment running Washington. Cha-ching.

Given this, it’s incredible that this unethical woman is now serving as the First Daughter’s “ethics” attorney. (Maybe Rosie O’Donnell can be Ivanka’s personal trainer and nutritionist.) 

That’s on top of the fact that her law firm, WilmerHale, represented and continues to represent Gitmo terrorists and also the Saudi Royals in defense of lawsuits against them by 9/11 families. That’s a huge conflict of interest in and of itself, given that Donald Trump ran on keeping Guantanamo Bay open, and it wouldn’t hurt Gorelick’s firm if she whispered to Ivanka about maybe setting one of her firm’s clients free.

Leading up to November 8, 2016, Gorelick was busy vetting Hillary Clinton’s future cabinet members....["She also serves as an outside adviser to the liberal Center for American Progress, which has been fighting against Trump’s health care overhaul."]  


And now this woman is not only advising Ivanka Trump, but she’s also Ivanka hubby Jared Kushner’s lawyer, too. Is this really the woman we need advising America’s Republican First Family? Maybe because Jared and Ivanka are really liberals. No, not maybe. In fact.

Oh, and how did the Trump daughter and son-in-law connect with Gorelick? Well, Jared Kushner’s brother, Josh Kushner, founded Oscar, a healthcare firm that was banking on the continuation of ObamaCare. He founded it with liberal former News Corp (parent company of FOX News) exec Joel Klein. Klein, a bigtime Dem, recommended Gorelick to Jared. And she’s been advising Ivanka’s hubby ever since, also as his ethics lawyer.

Jamie Gorelick is yet another blatant swamp thing who demonstrates that Donald Trump and company are not draining the swamp. They’re taking to it quite fondly.
Remember that Ivanka Trump told Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes” that she was not going to be a Presidential adviser and was just going to be a loyal daughter. That was bunk. But worse is that she and her husband have given entree to Obama and Clinton operatives like Gorelick in the Trump White House. It’s not a good look or a good mix.

One other thing: Jamie Gorelick was rightly one of Rush Limbaugh’s favorite villains for years, as he repeatedly attacked her on his nationally-syndicated radio show. But now that Jamie 
Gorelick is a courtesan of Trumpdom, there’s not even the slightest peep out of him about her. Hmmmm...." 

Ivanka-Gorelick image above from Rush Limbaugh image from Fox News video, 2/19/17


3/24/17, "Ivanka's lawyer, a Democrat, defends herself," Politico, Annie Karni. "Jamie Gorelick, a veteran of President Bill Clinton's Justice Department and a Hillary Clinton supporter, explains why she's working for Trump's daughter now"


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