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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Why does UC Berkeley even have police if all they do is "retreat"? This violent riot, act of war, features a familiar cast: police who "retreat", Black Bloc or similar anarchists, and "the press," in this case SF Chronicle, which misreports or fails to make clear what happened. By now, everyone knows police have no intention of stopping anarchists. And our pals in the so-called "press" will conflate "protests" with "violent riots" and "violent anarchy"

Foot soldiers for the Davos crowd:

2/1/17, "Image 25 of 28: Black Bloc members shield themselves from the police while forcing the cancellation of a talk by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos in Berkeley, Calif., on Wednesday, February 1, 2017." by The Chronicle

2/1/17, "UC Berkeley cancels Milo Yiannopoulos event amid violent protest," by Michael Bodley and Nanette Asimov,
"The protest turned violent around 6 p.m. when dozens of masked anarchists dressed in black and wearing backpacks, emerged from the otherwise peaceful crowd.

As “Milo had got to go” chants broke out, they struck: in small groups, at first — knocking down the fences, cutting through to zip ties. Then, they came in droves, as the dozens of university police officers quickly retreated to an inner ring of fencing. 

That, too, was breached, as protesters [anarchists are now 'protesters'] ran toward the student center, where Yiannopoulos was waiting for the event to begin. Police in riot gear retreated inside. 

Seizing the opportunity, the masked protesters"...

[Ed. note: "Violent masked anarchists" are now merely "masked protesters."]
(continuing): "breached the inner ring of fencing, picking up pieces of it and hurling them into the building’s windows. Glass shattered, but no one went inside.

As some protesters [sic] yelled obscenities at police, others toppled a generator and light pole police had set up, spray painting “Milo” with an X through it. Then they lit it on fire. From their backpacks, the protesters hurled dozens of fireworks.

One of the black-dressed anarchists said he had been hit by nonlethal ammunition.

“The cops shot me with pepper balls,” said the 26-year-old man, who called himself Zombie. “It hurt.”

Carrying a thick black shield and wearing a milk-soaked kerchief over his face to protect against potential tear gas, Zombie said, 

We’re anarchists.” Fellow protesters unfurled a banner reading, 

This is war.

Police soon declared an unlawful assembly and ordered everyone to leave, but hundreds of protesters stayed, filling the entire upper and lower plaza. “Turn on the dance music,” one masked woman yelled.

UC Berkeley junior Fatima Ibrahim, 20, who clutched a “resist fear” sign with a red fist, said the timing of Yiannopoulos’ scheduled appearance stung.

“As a black Muslim woman, all three of those identities have been targeted throughout (Trump’s) campaign,” Ibrahim said. “To have someone like (Yiannopoulos) come into my campus and affirm those people’s beliefs, it’s very, very hurtful.”

Hours after the event was canceled, the College Republicans issued a statement declaring the Free Speech Movement dead. “It is tragic that the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement is also its final resting place,” the statement said."


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