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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

'Carbon taxer' Rockefeller Republicans like George Shultz should long ago have retired gracefully from the public stage. Instead, Shultz is still around sabotaging the Republican Party, the will of Republican voters, and therefore the country-July 13, 2012,

"In 2010, Shultz, partnering with Tom Steyer, a Democrat, led the successful campaign to defeat Proposition 23, a California ballot initiative to suspend the state’s ambitious law to curb greenhouse gases."... 

7/13/2012, "George Shultz Endorses Carbon Tax – You Were Surprised?, by Marlo Lewis,,
"There has always been a wing of the GOP — the “establishment,” “Country Club,” or “Rockefeller” Republicans — who care more about controlling the party than about advancing liberty or even about winning elections. AEI’s Ken Green (a colleague of Hassett’s) hits the nail on the head. In a story on Shultz’s endorsement of carbon taxes, Green told Climatewire: 

“There seems to be an eruption of conservatives — very moderate-seeming conservatives, non-tea party, old country club-style conservatives who are suddenly enamored of a carbon tax, said Kenneth Green, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. 

I think this is mostly vanity and egotism on the part of these people who are coming forward, to try and reassert the Republican establishment over the tea party revolution,” he added. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we have more of these guys weigh in.”"

Added:  Rockefeller Republicans aim to prevent Republican voters from being heard:

Nov. 8, 2013, "The Sabotage Republicans," Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator 

"Sabotaging conservatives is built into the DNA of the GOP Establishment. Unable to win themselves a considerable bit of the timeand then continuing to move the country left when they do win, just not as fast and so much better managed don’t you know — they have never ever changed.... 

The Republican Party has two serious problems on its hands. The first is with those like Eric Cantor’s ex-chief of staff who are invited into leadership positions in the party
— when they in fact are not conservatives at all and quietly or openly seek to sabotage the party

The second is with those Establishment Republicans who do manage to win — and then see their job as merely managing the leftist status quo....

That is the Republican Party’s real problem. And it’s a big one."


Comment: Trump voters represent the second political party. Before Trump there was only one functioning political party--the Democrats.


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