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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

'Trump came out of the gates like Secretariat and they said, whoa!...This is about the Establishment dealing with the fact that they can't win at the ballot box. This is a huge, huge fight. This is the one chance, in many of our lifetimes...the only chance...we’re gonna have to roll this stuff back...The people on the opposite side of this know full well that this is the last chance we might have'-Rush Limbaugh, 2/15/17

2/15/17, "The Media Has Abandoned the Arena of Ideas," Rush Limbaugh

"Do not doubt me. This isn’t Republican versus Democrat. This is not right versus left right now. This is not conservative versus populist....This is an establishment/anti-establishment fight that’s going on. 

And the people in the establishment come from both parties.

They work in all of the bureaucracies. They are elected and unelected. One of the famous ones is Lois Lerner at the IRS, totally unelected, refusing to grant tax-exempt status to Tea Party organizations for purposes of fundraising during a campaign. That’s the shadow government....dealing with the fact that they can’t win at the ballot box in national elections....

So it’s not right, left, conservative, liberal, Democrat, Republican. I mean, it is in certain things, but what we have here is the establishment — and this is all predicted — circling the wagons, doing everything they can, because Trump started out doing everything he said he was gonna do. We got the executive order on immigration, we had this, we had that, he came out of the gates like Secretariat and they said, whoa! Whoa ho-ho!

So they went and got a judge in Seattle, said, “You can’t do that!”

Then they found the libs in the Ninth Circus to back up the judge. “You can’t do that!” Besides, the case hasn’t even been heard yet! They just told the president he can’t do it ’cause they don’t like him. That’s who they are. That’s not America. Whatever you think Flynn did, the people trying to stop Flynn, the people trying to stop Trump, they pose a greater threat to what you think this country is that than anything Donald Trump has in mind.

Donald Trump doesn’t pose a single threat to the greatness of America. You might have some people that disagree with populism and anti-globalism and so forth, but Donald Trump has no desire to undermine America. They do....

Donald Trump doesn’t think that the borders are to be wide open so that anybody who wants here can come here because we’ve screwed them at some time in the past.
Donald Trump doesn’t believe that the Constitution is a suicide pact. They do. That’s what this fight is....

The globalists, the establishment, they think America...should be...subject to whatever a global authority might say, the United Nations, for example. Donald Trump doesn’t think that, nor do we.

This is a huge, huge fight. This is the one chance, in many of our lifetimes this is it, this is the only chance, the best chance we’re gonna have to roll this stuff back. But at the same time the people on the opposite side of this know full well that this is the last chance we might have, and they’ve got to destroy us, they’ve got to keep this from happening. They know full well that if they can beat this back, that they will succeed in transforming America and that there will not be any serious threats down the road, even though they can’t win elections. 

Stop and think about that. The people that can't win elections, outside of Barack Obama, the people on the Democrat side who cannot win elections, who do not have the votes to stop Donald Trump at all in a constitutional sense, have to now behave outside the Constitution in order to stop the duly elected president of the United States about whom they can produce no evidence that his election was fraudulent.... 

RUSH: Wait, wait. Let me ask you a question. Are you getting close to getting frustrated and abandoning Trump? 

CALLER: Absolutely not! 

RUSH: All right. 

CALLER: One hundred percent! I am---

RUSH: Yeah, I knew that. 

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: I just wanted to make sure."...


Added: Bill Kristol and Glenn Greenwald prefer Soviet style Deep State. (No one cares about Bill Kristol, it's sad from Greenwald):

 2/15/17, "The Latest Rundown on the Mike Flynn Deep State Hit Job," Patrick Poole, PJ Media 

"As I had said privately, Flynn was not long for remaining as NSA. It's not because he's a bad guy, and accusations that he was compromised by Russian intelligence are as absurd as the Trump dossier BuzzFeed published last month. It's just that Flynn wasn't ready for prime time; hopefully his replacement will be.

So here's the latest.

The New York Times published a report last night claiming "Trump associates" had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence, which other media outlets breathlessly hyped:

"WOW: #Trump aides had repeated contacts w/ top Russian intelligence officials in the year before election - @nytimes— David Beard (@dabeard) February 15, 2017" 

However, they chose to spin the NYT report as definitive proof that Trump was involved in "hacking the election." Of course, the NYT report said...the precise opposite:
American law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercepted the communications around the same time they were discovering evidence that Russia was trying to disrupt the presidential election by hacking into the Democratic National Committee, three of the officials said. The intelligence agencies then sought to learn whether the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians on the hacking or other efforts to influence the election. The officials interviewed in recent weeks said that, so far, they had seen no evidence of such cooperation.
OK, there goes that theory....

Of course, there are those who are loving them some deep state totalitarian tactics: [Bill Kristol and Glenn Greenwald]:"


Comment: I've read many helpful and informative articles by Mr. Greenwald. Then I see his remarks above which of course are chilling. It's not unlike that Bernie supporters and Trump supporters have major areas in which they agree followed by impassable chasms. To me the dividing line is personhood vs. acceptance of oneself as a global slave. Greenwald and Bernie camps don't mind being global slaves. (For the record, Bernie Sanders was never a serious candidate. He made this clear early in the 'campaign' by slobbering all over Mrs. Clinton. Democrat voters have been silenced by the neocon, corporate, "superdelegate" democrat establishment and they don't seem to care or act ready to do anything about it.) 



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