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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Four African refugees living in US for decades convicted of hate crime and torture of two white males in Tennessee whom they stabbed with jagged knife, stripped, forced to have oral sex, and left for dead. Media not interested that US taxpayers are participating in their own genocide

""Peterpal Tutlam is from South Sudan and has been in the U.S. as a refugee since he was about 10 years old (now age 31), according to his attorney, David Harris. All four men [two of whom, Duol and Yangreek were brothers] charged in the case were born abroad but have lived in the US much of their lives."


Image: Top left, Duol Wal; Tut Tut, middle with blue shirt; Peterpal, right with orange shirt, bottom left, Yangreek Wal, younger brother of Duol Wal. (Images from Tennessean and Nashville Metro Police)

"Duol Wal, 25, and Tut Tut, 19, have both been sentenced to thirty years in prison. Yangreek Wal (brother of Duol Wal), 22, is awaiting sentencing. The ringleader Peterpal Tutlam, 31, was sentenced to 150 years." 


2/28/2016, "Africans sentenced for notorious hate crime torture attack in Nashville," stop hate

"In March of 2012, two 24-year old white males were abducted by a group of South Sudanese Africans in Antioch, TN. It was early in the morning and the victims were getting ready to do a paper route.

The victims were subjected to 45 minutes of humiliating torture. They were forced to perform sexual acts on each other, sexually tortured, beaten, and stabbed. The perpetrators taunted them the entire time.

After the torture, the men were left to die. They were dumped on the side of the road naked and covered in blood. Each had ten stab wounds. One of the men had his head bashed against the pavement and needed 30 stitches.

The case received virtually no media attention. If the races had been reversed, it would have been the biggest news story in America.

Three of the perpetrators have pleaded guilty and the fourth suspect has been convicted by a jury. Duol Wal, 25, and Tut Tut, 19, have both been sentenced to thirty years in prison. Yangreek Wal, 22, is awaiting sentencing. The ringleader Peterpal Tutlam, 31, was sentenced to 150 years.

Ringleader Tutlam was defiant at his sentencing hearing. He blamed alcohol for the near fatal torture attack and told the jury “I stand before you and the court and God and declare that I am an innocent man.”

The perpetrators are from the South Sudan. A large number of male “refugees” from the South Sudan were brought to the Nashville area at taxpayer expense."...


Tennessean article: One of the two victims delivered newspapers for The Tennessean:

1/11/2016, "'That was the moment it became about torture'," The Tennessean,

"After the first time, the pain of the knife slicing into his thigh started to numb.

He did not know his attackers, only that four men who spoke English and another language he did not recognize forced him and his friend into a small sedan. A Saturn.

As the duo was driven to ATMs to withdraw cash in the Antioch area before sunrise in March 2012, they were repeatedly punched, stabbed and taunted. Laughed at. It lasted about 45 minutes.

They were forced to give each other oral sexForced to strip off their bloody clothes, told to get out of the car and pushed down on a road before their attackers fled.

After a week-long trial, a jury on Friday found one of the four attackers, Peterpal Tutlam, 31, guilty of six charges against him: two counts each of especially aggravated robbery, especially aggravated kidnapping and aggravated rape....

It does not mark the end of the impact from what one victim described as torture in the backseat of that car.
The two victims, both 24 at the time, had been friends since 8th grade. The Tennessean is not naming them because they are victims of rape.

In March 2012, one of the men was working two jobs, was engaged to be married and had a young daughter....

The man and his friend were killing time early that day waiting for The Tennessean newspapers to be ready for delivery, which was the job of one of the men. They went to wait at one of their homes at Hickory Trace apartments on Hickory Hollow Place....

About three miles away, four men were leaving Caribbean Hut club on Antioch Pike. They’d spent hours drinking and dancing.

I told my little brother I’m trying to rob someone tonight,” Duol Wal testified during trial on Thursday. Wal previously pleaded guilty in the attack.

Wal said he told his brother, who has also pleaded guilty, that his pockets were empty.

The victims were attacked outside of the apartment. One testified he was pushed up against a door and held there with a knife at his neck. He emptied a money clip and cellphone from his pockets, he said.

The victims were pushed into the backseat of the car, and Wal testified he held them there. The victims said they were beaten, stabbed in the arms and legs, threatened with death and told to keep their heads down. At one point, one of the men grabbed one victim's hand and tried to break his fingers.

"That was the moment it became about torture," the victim testified.

The attackers drove to at least two nearby ATMs to withdraw cash using the victims' debit cardsWal said they got $1,600 from the cash machines. He testified in Tutlam's defense on Thursday, saying Tutlam was so drunk he did not participate in the attack.

But both victims said their attackers did not seem drunk and identified four men as being in the car.

"Everyone got their hits in," one victim testified. "There was no one who was not involved."

One victim said the attackers put a Sharpie marker that he could not see to his head and told him it was a gun. He said one of the attackers told him to give his friend oral sex or he would be killed. The victims testified that their attackers ordered his friend to do the same.

"They were kind of ridiculing us, making it seem like we wanted to be doing that," one victim testified....

The kidnappers drove to Franklin Limestone Road and told the victims to remove their clothing, according to testimony. One man said he was pushed into the gravel at the side of the road while the attackers shoved his friend to the pavement and began stomping on him, at least once on his head.

A scar curves above his eyebrow. But all he remembers is a flash of light.

The men, naked and covered in blood, walked down a nearby street where they found a resident who called for help. Both suffered about 10 stab wounds. The man whose head was slammed on the pavement needed about 30 stitches for that injury alone and had a bruise on his brain, he testified.

Police tracked the four suspects using ATM video footage, tips from the suspects' family members and after the victims identified their attackers in photo lineups, among other tactics. 

Authorities found a knife with the victim's blood at Wal's house, King said.

All four men were charged in the attack.

Two of them, Duol Wal, 25, and Tut Tut, 19, previously pleaded guilty and are serving 30-year prison terms. The third, Yangreek Wal, 22, pleaded guilty in an agreement he would testify against Tutlam, and is awaiting sentencing.

King, who prosecuted Tutlam's case with Assistant District Attorney General Doug Thurman, said prosecutors will seek the longest possible sentence for Tutlam, up to 150 years according to Tennessee law, at a sentencing hearing set for Feb. 24....

For the victims, the impact could last a lifetime. One victim testified that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety because of the attack. The other said he had nightmares for months afterward and struggled with substance abuse. He said the incident ended his relationship with his fiancĂ©e. "Psychologically it's been hell, honestly," he said. "It pretty much tore my family apart.""


"Peterpal Tutlam is from South Sudan and has been in the U.S. as a refugee since he was about 10 years old, according to his attorney, David Harris. All four men charged in the case were born abroad but have lived in the U.S. much of their lives.

Two Nuer interpreters from Minnesota attended but were rarely used in Tutlam's five-day trial. Tutlam and the other defendants - two of whom testified during Tutlam's trial - speak the African language as well as English. 

Tutlam's attorney said Judge Cheryl Blackburn used the interpreters in an abundance of caution because of another recent case involving a refugee whose convictions were overturned because of an issue with her language."



More than 120 languages are spoken in Nashville, Tennessee public schools:

1/4/16, "Refugee's rare dialect exposes legal system's shortcomings," tennessean

"More than 120 languages are spoken by students in (Nashville, Tenn.) Metro schools alone. And according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, more than 16 percent of Nashville residents speak a language other than English at home. "...​


Added: Goal of 1965 Immigration Act was to eliminate American culture:

"Indeed, the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was promoted by this intellectual group precisely in furtherance of the notion that concepts such as “national culture” would become meaningless as a result of immigrant cultural dilution."
11/12/16, "Trump’s Win—A Rebuke to the Elites," Consortium News, Alastair Crooke. "Alastair Crooke is a former British diplomat who was a senior figure in British intelligence and in European Union diplomacy."...


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