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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Will any pizzeria or bakery cater private citizen climate skeptics who've been banned by Twitter merely for their view that American CO2 isn't destroying the planet?

On 3/23/15 Twitter banned Steven Goddard, on 4/1/15, Twitter banned Tom Nelson. Goddard was reinstated but with warning, Tom Nelson is still suspended:

4/1/15, "Details on my Twitter suspension for asking if a graph was "crap"," Tom Nelson 


3/23/15, "Twitter account of ‘prominent AGW skeptic’ Steven Goddard suspended; Joe Bastardi asks ‘who’s next?'; Updated,"

"Who's next?" Answer: Tom Nelson:

Twitter suspends climate skeptic Tom Nelson 9 days after it suspended climate skeptic Steven Goddard:


Second global warming skeptic banned by Twitter in 9 days:

4/2/15, "Another Global Warming Skeptic Gets Banned From Twitter," | The Daily Caller, Michael Bastasch 

"On April 1st, Twitter locked the account of science blogger Tom Nelson....Twitter told Nelson to delete a tweet that contained the word — are you ready for it? — “crap” or else his account would not be unlocked. Nelson then posted the “Delete Tweet” screen to his blog, after which Twitter promptly suspended his account. As of April 2nd, Nelson’s account was still suspended.

Interestingly enough, Nelson was simply repeating a word used by NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt who tweeted at Nelson that [graph] is crap as I’ve frequently pointed out. The temperature is hand drawn. Not even you can take it seriously, surely?”

Nelson tweeted back on March 22nd “is this graph crap too?” About a week and a half later, Twitter locked his account and the suspended it. But Gavin Schmidt’s account has not been suspended — which has raised the ire of other global warming skeptics and conservative pundits on Twitter.

“If calling a graph ‘crap’ is grounds for suspension, why isn’t @ClimateofGavin suspended?” Nelson asked on his blog."...


"What we're seeing is a campaign to enforce ideological discipline and conformity in every area of daily life."

4/2/15, "If I Knew You Were Coming for Me, I'd've Baked a Cake," Mark Steyn

"I woke up this Maundy Thursday to breaking news from Kenya. Al-Shabaab "militants" have stormed Garissa University, killed at least 15 Christian students, wounded another 60, and taken more as hostages. [UPDATE: More than 70 dead.] [UPPERDATE: Just shy of 150 dead.]

Meanwhile, there's no pizza for Last Supper. Memories Pizza of Walkerton, Indiana has been forced to close following death threats received after its owners announced that they would not be catering gay weddings: 

"We're in hiding basically," says co-owner Crystal O'Connor.

In Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, Christians are killed for their beliefs. In America, they're not (yet) being killed, just having their businesses destroyed. Be grateful for small mercies. But in both west and east the dominant ideology is not minded to brook dissent. Islam sells itself as a stern enforcer, and always has done. By contrast, the New Diversity enforcers intolerantly demand uniformity in the name of tolerance and diversity. In the audacity of their assault, they seek to undermine even the possibility of dissent: when words are conscripted to mean their precise opposite, how can you even mount a contrary argument?...

Betrothed gays looking for wedding cakes and floral arrangements are not just carelessly stumbling into homophobic bakeries and florists. It's an organized campaign consciously targeting particular establishments. That's why no gay couples have wandered into a Muslim patisserie in Dearborn. As I said on The John Oakley Show, it's not about expanding "rights", it's about shifts in power - which is to say shifts in fashion. In Kenya and Indiana, the thugs know they can get away with targeting Christians and the world won't care - I mean, how often do you ever hear any of the timeserving hacks and panderers who head up America's "mainstream" churches ever say anything on either subject?

But the Big Gay enforcers know it would all get more complicated if they were to go after a Muslim pizzeria in Dearborn. And, if they did, they'd be the ones in hiding. Tim Cook, the Apple CEO who'll have no truck with hoosier homophobes, is happy to enrich Iran's mullahs so they can build fancier gay gallows on which to hang the sodomites. Muscle respects muscle....

What we're seeing is a campaign to enforce ideological discipline and conformity in every area of daily life. Notwithstanding the LGBTQWERTY lobby's industrial promotion of ever more abstruse and reductive identity politics, such a society will be the very opposite of "tolerant" and "diverse" - and deeply unhappy.

~I see Katherine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, has said that we climate deniers are "sinful". Who knew the Episcopal Church still had sins? Presumably climate denialism is the exception that proves the rule.

At any rate, the Twitter mutaween, acting either on the Episcopal edict or on the usual abuse of the complaints procedure by the Big Climate mullahs, have now shut down yet another climate dissident - the great Tom Nelson, whose perceptive observations and tireless research I have often reTweeted. As Joanne Nova recommends, contact @support and @twitter and let them know how you feel about their serving as blasphemy cops for climate apostasy....

And as we see, from Kenya to Indiana to Twitter, the "alternative point of view" is a far more endangered species than the polar bear."...


More on silencing of climate skeptics:


4/2/15, "Wow... NASA's blocks skeptic for asking about Twitter block of skeptic ."


4/2/15, "Telling: After Anthony Watts asks Gavin Schmidt if he made the complaint or knows who did, Gavin blocks him," Tom Nelson


4/2/15, "@Twitter @Support is not playing by their own rules in the unfair suspension of climate skeptic Tom Nelson," Watts Up With That, Anthony Watts 


4/2/15, "Twotalitarianism," Bishop Hill

"I must say I am watching the behaviour of the Twitter management carefully, as it looks somewhat alarming. As Anthony reports, Tom Nelson has been suspended for asking if a Katharine Hayhoe graph was "crap". That's asking, not saying. Meanwhile Gavin Schmidt describes a different graph as crap (that's saying, not asking) and it's all fine and dandy."


More on Steven Goddard's Twitter suspension--including their warning to him that he may be permanently suspended:

3/23/15, "As Expected, The Nazis At Twitter Have Shut Down My Account," Steven Goddard

ScreenHunter_8090 Mar. 23 08.01

Twitter has shut down my account without explanation. Please tweet this to everyone you know.
My last tweet was

ScreenHunter_8091 Mar. 23 08.03

 Scientific debate is not permitted in this democracy."...


Twitter reinstates Steven Goddard but warns "repeat violations may result in permanent account suspension:"

3/23/15, "Thanks Everyone!" Steven Goddard

"Twitter has reinstated my account. They got many thousands of angry tweets and apparently relented.
Twitter never told me what my violation was.

ScreenHunter_1322 Mar. 23 19.33
Proof that we honest Americans are powerful and united against the evil empire. We can win if we stick to our beliefs and fight together."

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