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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Build desalination plants, not high speed trains to nowhere-Long Beach Press-Telegram letters

4/15/15, "Build desalination plants, not a high-speed rail: Letters," Long Beach (Calif.) Press-Telegram
"Build desalination plants, not a high-speed rail

Re “Can desalination save California from the drought?” (Question of the Week, April 7):

Instead of spending money on a bullet train, California should build desalination plants. We cannot live without water or food. California supplies 70 percent of the food for the country and we have cut off water to the farmers to save the smelt fish. The legislatures are more interested in catering to their money backers than doing what is right for the citizens of California. 

— Edna Jones, Pasadena

Desalination and water conservation

Re “Can desalination save California from the drought?” (Question of the Week, April 7):

Which sounds better, water or train? Anyone with an ounce of common sense and a firm grasp on reality would say water is the only answer. We don’t need a bullet train that starts in south nowhere and ends in north nowhere. We will need water for all of our life, but no one will ever need the train to nowhere
Desalination is one method of gaining usable water as well as conservation of water being another. 

As with other commodities, we will be water rationed when needed and taxed whether needed or not, but paying for a train that won’t bring a single drop of water to a single community is beyond common sense and reality

— Richard Morrison, Lakewood"


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