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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Try getting a cake made that says, 'Global warming is a hoax.' commenter. Then you'll see religion protected.

""Try getting a cake made that says "Global warming is a hoax."

Above among comments to Breitbart article:

4/1/15, "More Tough Times For the Church of Global Warming," Breitbart, John Hayward

"“Record high temperatures in Antarctica!” screamed cult members earlier this week. Um, no, not really. The high temperatures were recorded outside the Antarctic region, and temperature data from that forlorn continent is too sparse to make any scientifically valid conclusions about its temperature record. 
Even if a record high temperature actually was recorded in Antarctica on a particular day, it wouldn’t erase the reality of ice steadily expanding in the region over the past 25 years, exactly the way absolutely none of the vaunted global-warming models predicted.

This sad (and sadly successful) effort to capture headlines is characteristic of the climate-change fraud. Sometimes weather proves climate change, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you can’t draw conclusions from a very small set of data, and sometimes you can.
The only logical consistency is that data helpful to the political agenda of climate change is highlighted, while inconvenient data is ignored, or even replaced by “projections” and “models more useful to the global warming movement. Never mind what the actual evidence says, look at this amazing doomsday computer model I just cooked up!
Such was the case with the second recent busted climate scare, a paper supposedly demonstrating that global warming is causing the Gulf Stream to weaken. This was based entirely on the kind of junk-science “projection” that got the global-warming ball rolling in a big way. Actual measurements of the real-world Gulf Stream display no such weakening, just natural variations. Darn it! That doomsday model looked good enough to shake another billion dollars out of the taxpayers!"...

Comment: Breitbart has some great commenters. Too bad the site's management is in the tank for the Establishment. The above AGW article by John Hayward for example fails to identify GOP Establishment leadership as the single reason global warming fraud has prospered since at least 1990. Today, the only two people who can stop it are Boehner and McConnell and they have no intention of doing so. They know as everyone does that even if global CO2 were a problem, US CO2 could go to zero and it would make little difference to the planet, because China controls CO2 by a large margin and will do so for for the foreseeable future. Boehner and McConnell have had daily access to microphones for two and three decades. They've made sure there was no impediment to the UN agenda. 

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