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Monday, December 1, 2014

For anti-industry California, Obama CO2 deal with China added to his amnesty deal guarantees most urban poor in California will never enter the middle class-Joel Kotkin, Daily Beast. 'In Praise of Huddled Masses'

7/3/1984, "In Praise of Huddled Masses," Wall St. Journal Editorial calling for open borders.


11/21/14, "Legal but Still Poor: The Economic Consequences of Amnesty," Joel Kotkin, The Daily Beast.

"Expanding amnesty to undocumented immigrants without creating new jobs is a recipe for keeping new Americans poor and dependent on social services..... .

President Obama has provided at least five million immigrants, and likely many more, with new hope for the future. But at the same time, his economic policies, and those of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, may guarantee that many of these newly legalized Americans will face huge obstacles trying to move up in a society creating too few opportunities already for its own citizens, much less millions of the largely ill-educated and unskilled newcomers....
My adopted home region of Southern California has seen an almost 14% drop in high-wage blue-collar jobs since 2007. Deindustrialization has continued, and construction employment lagged, even while the country as a whole, sparked by more secure and now cheaper energy supplies, has seen industrial production improve since 2010.
Herein lies the great dilemma then for the advocates of amnesty. In much of the country, and particularly the blue regions, they will find very few decent jobs but often a host of programs designed to ease their poverty. The temptation to increase the rolls of the dependent—and perhaps boost Democratic turnouts—may prove irresistible for the local political class.
So what should we do under these circumstances? Constitutional arguments aside, there do seem to be some better ways to create conditions for upward mobility among newcomers.
Higher minimum wages may help some of the legal residents, but arguably at the cost of new jobs for others including the newly amnestied. However popular with most voters, such redistributive measures will not address the fundamental economic challenge posed by amnesty.
Perhaps a sounder strategy would be to adopt policies that encourage broad-based economic growth, including energy, manufacturing, logistics and home construction. This would, of course, require some moderation of regulatory standards, particularly in reference to climate change.

The President’s recent deal with China, which essentially allows the Chinese to keep boosting emissions until 2030 while we reduce ours steeply, could make things worse. In some states like California, where the global warming consensus is beheld with theological rigidity,  

"green" anti-suburban policies largely .  

guarantee that most of the urban poor  .  

will never enter the middle class.  .
In San Francisco, Boston and New York, the percentage of Latino and black homeowners is roughly one-third to one-half that seen in redder regions like Houston, Dallas, Phoenix and Atlanta.
. In essence, the deepest blue states have created the worst of all conditions for the urban poor, and will be particularly tough on undocumented residents granted amnesty.
All this suggests that, if we are to make new Americans economically successful, we need to concentrate not on racial redress but find ways to spark broad based economic growth.

Increasing use of inexpensive natural gas, for example, would not only help continue to reduce emissions but would spark an industrial expansion that would create more blue collar jobs
Similarly, policies that allowed for affordable, energy efficient new homes could create not only more blue collar employment possibilities, but a brighter future for young families, many of whom are themselves immigrants or their children.
The current amnesty could benefit both the country overall as well as recent immigrants if it is tacked to a broad based economic growth strategy. But that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Instead, continuing policies that inhibit broad-based economic growth are increasing the numbers of Americans who must depend on government, not the economy, to take care of themselves and their families."


Among comments to Daily Beast article:

"We need to ask: what is the fate awaiting these new, and prospective, Americans?"
Sorry, everything I hear from the main stream media on the illegal immigration issue is as wrongly focused as your words above.

The real question to ask is: What is the fate awaiting native born Americans, as well as legal immigrants from the essentially open border policies the democrat party wishes to impose upon the nation (surely, the democrats strategy is to gain millions of new democrat voters, and stack the voting deck against the native born Americans so that the democrat party becomes the unbeatable majority party).
Obviously, the importation of millions of poor people from third world countries into America lowers the wages of native born Americans."...


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