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Thursday, December 4, 2014

No evidence that global warming 'pause' is ending. 2014 global sea surface temperatures to date haven't been accompanied by rise in atmospheric temperatures-BBC

12/3/14, "Why has the year 2014 been so hot?" BBC

"The high global temperatures in 2014 occurred in the absence of a full El Nino. During the year, sea surface temperatures rose nearly to El Nino thresholds 

but this wasn't accompanied by an atmospheric response....
I thought there was a pause in global warming?
Global mean surface temperatures rose rapidly from the 1970s, but were relatively flat over the 15 years prior to 2013."...

[Ed. note: By "global mean surface temperatures" do they mean land surface, sea surface, or both? ]

(continuing): "Many studies have reinforced a link between uptake of heat by the oceans and the "pause".

The high surface temperatures of the Pacific and other parts of the world's oceans might suggest that the pause is coming to an end, but 

there is no evidence yet to support this.

Climate scientists need more than one warm year to discern underlying trends."... 


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