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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

97% of scientists agree, roads in Algeria blocked with snow due to government lack of preparedness. Algerians protest tragic consequences of gov. lack of attention to snow-El Bilad

12/30/14, "Snow emergency occurs in several states,", Algeria, Albulad.nt, google translation from Arabic

"Dozens of roads severed and collapses of buildings and facilities."

"Snow brought heavy rains that swept through 25 states across the nation, a state of emergency, over the past 48 hours, paralyzed traffic in more than 220 road nationally and Olaúaa and municipal, which has necessitated the intervention of public authorities to evacuate the affected people and decryption isolation. In contrast, the General Directorate of Civil Protection called that counted yesterday 5 dead and dozens injured as a result of extreme weather, citizens and families, "to reduce and abolish unnecessary movements during these days because of deteriorating weather conditions."
Thousands of people out in the villages and Madacher yesterday both Ahras market and ڤalma and El Tarf, Skikda, Khanshalah, to protest in the streets against the local authorities ''left them to their fate on their own after snow blocked all catering outlets with food and Energetic ", as the population rose up against power outages as occurred in the municipality
of El Eulma Annaba, where protesters did not hesitate to close the municipal headquarters to protest the situation tragic. And an authorized source from the National Gendarmerie reported that snowfall in the last hours leading to interruption number of national and state roads across the national territory are behind a wave of protests by citizens that have been controlled by units of this security apparatus. And cause precipitation continued snow in Tizi Ouzou in cutting the national road No. 15 link between Tizi Ouzou and Bouira Strait Tirordh municipality Iferhounène National Road No. 33, the link between Tizi Ouzou and Bouira near the old stadium to Mount Tikjda Municipality White Bomahdi. As snow accumulation led to cut state levels Road No. 253 link between this state and the state of Bejaia level Tezit village in the municipality of Eliltn. Official toll and added that the snow caused in Blida in cutting the national road No. 64 link between Medea and Blida at a high level engraved municipality Bougherra, the same situation in Medea with traffic crashes on the level of the National Road No. 64 link between Medea and Blida, 12 kilometers to the level of the circuit Municipal Baath.

Authorities are calling on citizens to cancel non-essential movements.
As snow accumulation led to cut the national road No. 15 link between Bouira and Tizi Ouzou Strait Tirordh Aghbalou municipality as well as the National Road No. 30 link between Bouira and Tizi Ouzou, in a place called Tizi Lincoln mayor Sharig National Road No. 33, which are linked Petkjdh. According to the same source, the snow caused the disruption of traffic in the Sidi Bel Abbes on National Road No. 13 link between Telagh and Daye."...via

Image of snow clearing from El Bilad



Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“Today I found this news item from Algeria on the internet,” says Argiris.

“Although is not working perfectly while translating from Arab to English, I understand that there have been massive protests by angry civilians who blame their government for not helping them enough during heavy snowfall. 

“This is in line with what mister Felix predicted. This kind of news is always hard to find in English language and the warm bias MSM do not publish it. But Google-searching with the use of Arab keywords in recent news items I could find it. 

In this so-called “hottest year ever it would be a good thing if more people were informed about what is happening in the real world.”"


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