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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Congratulations to unelected, unaccountable, US taxpayer funded UN for getting a US administration dying to sign a "climate treaty." The US will sign any piece of paper you put in front of them at the 2015 Paris meeting-Morano, Climate Depot

12/11/14, "Skeptics To Descend on UN Climate Summit at UN Hosted Event – A NASA Apollo Astronaut to Condemn UN for perpetrating the ‘biggest fraud in the field of science’," Climate Depot, Marc Morano

"Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano, former senior staff of the U.S. Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, will be congratulating the UN.

Marc Morano:I will be congratulating the UN for finally bringing a willing U.S. to the table to sign a new UN climate treaty. A lame duck President Obama and his Sec. of State, John Kerry, are desperately seeking a climate change legacy and will pretty much sign any paper that is put in front of them next year at the Paris UN meeting. You can feel the air of optimism permeating the conference here in Lima.

For first time since 1990s, the U.S. is absolutely committed to signing a treaty. Make no mistake, come hell or high water, the U.S. will be signing a UN agreement next year in Paris. It is virtually preordained."...


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