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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Intelgate: Americans are forced to pay salaries of DOJ and FBI oligarchs who again and again show they have no intention of protecting US taxpayers or obeying US laws. US taxpayers must face that they’ve been converted to slaves. We have no government. We have an intel oligarchy

Intel Oligarchy’s dates don’t match real life, per Wall St. Journal Editorial Board

July 31, 2016-FBI claims it first opened counter-intel investigation into Trump-Russia collusion.

NY Times backs up FBI claim, says there was no Halper involvement until “after July 31.” Reached out to Papadopoulos “late that summer,” and to Carter Page “in the ensuing months.”

July 11, 2016Carter Page met Stefan Halper for the first time in the UK at a symposium to which he’d been invited weeks earlier (Carter Page’s transatlantic airfare paid for by event organizers)

Late May or early June 2016Carter Page received an invitation to the mid-July symposium in UK where he first met Halper. Mr. Page said the invitation came from someone other than Halper.


Added: Carter Page, the opposite of a Russian spy, was known to FBI as such a patriotic American that they used him as a cooperating asset beginning in 2013.  Mr. Page was an FBI witness in a court case against Russian agent Buryakov which ended successfully for the FBI in March 2016. The fact that Mr. Page was an FBI witness wasn’t public knowledge until 2017 when US government personnel illegally leaked that he had been “Male 1” in the Buryakov case. Mr. Page describes this on page 16 (p. 19 pdf) in his 11/2/2017 letter to congress. (Screen shot excerpt posted below after Wall St. Journal article).

Added: Carter Page says he never succeeded in meeting Trump, page 12, his Nov. 2, 2017 letter to congress.


5/22/18, When Carter Page met Stefan Halper, Wall St. Journal Editorial Board 

A timeline that contradicts claims by Justice and the FBI.”

Multiple media sources have now confirmed that American academic Stefan Halper is the “top secret” informant the FBI asked to sidle up to Trump campaign officials in 2016. Some questions follow: Who asked Mr. Halper to keep tabs on the Trump officials, and when and why? 

The answers go to the credibility of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s claim that it didn’t open an official counterintelligence probe into Trump-Russia collusion until July 31, 2016. The answers might also show if Obama Administration officials knew about this mission, or if political actors working for the Clinton campaign such as Fusion GPS played a role. 

One mystery concerns Mr. Halper’s interaction with Trump aide Carter Page. The New York Times reported on Friday that Mr. Halper’s contact with Trump officials happened only after the July 31 launch of the probe. The story notes that Mr. Halper reached out to campaign adviser George Papadopoulos “late that summer” and then to Mr. Page “in the ensuing months.” A Washington Post story adds that Mr. Halper sat down with Trump official Sam Clovis on either “August 31 or Sept. 1.” 

But Mr. Page tells us he actually met Mr. Halper in mid-July, at a symposium at England’s University of Cambridge, where Mr. Halper is an emeritus professor. Mr. Page says the invitation to that event came much earlier—the end of May or early June.

Mr. Page declined to say who invited him but says it was someone other than Mr. Halper.

Mr. Halper had a central role in the symposium. The event was hosted by the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), a Cambridge research institute. And the official organizer was another American academic and alumnus of Republican administrations named Steven Schrage. In a Facebook post at the time, Mr. Schrage explained that the event was supported by Cambridge’s Department of Politics and International Studies—Mr. Halper’s department. CRASSH and Mr. Halper’s department share a building where the symposium took place.

The event was titled “2016’s Race to Change the World,” and headlined the dueling perspectives of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former GOP Congressman [better known as Swamp lobbyist] Vin Weber. According to the program, Mr. Halper kicked off the opening session on July 11. Mr. Page confirms he met Mr. Halper for the first time at the symposium.”…

[Ed. note: Longtime lobbyist Vin Weber, dazzled by immense potential wealth in the Beltway, put down stakes and never left. NY Times interviews some Republican” lobbyists including Vin Weber for Oct. 2011 article: Weber: ““I can just tell you, when I came to Congress, we were rabble-rousers, but, boy, if you’d asked any of us six months into it how we were enjoying it, we’d have said this was the greatest opportunity of a lifetime,” Weber said.”] 

(continuing): “Another noteworthy participant was Sir Richard Dearlove. Sir Richard, a Cambridge alumnus, spent a near-40-year career at the British intelligence service, MI6, rising to its chief from 1999 to 2004. As such he overlapped with anti-Trump dossier author Christopher Steele, who was recruited by MI6 after graduating from Cambridge in the late 1980s, and who later ran the Russia desk. Sir Richard told the Washington Post in February that Mr. Steele’s reputation was “superb.” 

Sir Richard is also friendly with Mr. Halper. The two men were part of a small group that ran the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, an academic forum for researchers and one-time practitioners of spycraft. At least one of these sessions in 2014 featured eventual Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The duo made headlines in the United Kingdom in 2016 when they resigned from the organization, which Mr. Halper told the Financial Times was due to “unacceptable Russian influence on the group.” 

For the record, Mr. Page says he had never interacted with the CRASSH program at Cambridge before that early summer 2016 invitation. And while he did not speak at the event, he says the organizers paid his round-trip airfare from New York. 

Perhaps all of this is a crazy coincidence, but House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes is right to investigate. President Trump on Monday tasked Chief of Staff John Kelly with ensuring that Justice Department officials let congressional leaders review “classified and other information they have requested.” There’s no excuse for refusing to cooperate.”

Reference: Carter Page expected that his status as an FBI witness would remain secret, but it was illegally leaked:

11/2/2017, Page #19 House Intelligence Testimony pdf

Additional source FBI start date: “Originating Electronic Communication (EC) on July 31, 2016, which formed the basis of the commencement of the FBI counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.”

Additional source acknowledging Carter Page’s use as both a good guy and a bad guy–and that we’re supposed to be fine with that. Former FBI agent Mark Wauck: “In a second set of files classified as 134 (CI asset) the FBI says Carter Page is a good guy who’s working for us and he’s giving us super valuable and reliable info re the Russians subverting our election and maybe that Trump is Putin’s guy. So in this set of files Page isn’t a spy at all, we’ve done the background and we trust him and his info. Which must mean that the 65 files [saying Carter Page is a Russian spy] are a pack of lies.” 

May 13, 2018, The ‘Election Collusion’ Was between Our Intelligence Community and Britain,” American Thinker, Clarice Feldman


Added: US taxpayers have been forced by Intelgate oligarchs to pay Stefan Halper nearly $1 million between 2012 and 2017: “Papadopoulos wrote the paper [in Sept. 2016], and was paid $3,000. Several days before the payment, Halper finalized a contract with the Pentagon’s think tank Office of Net Assessment. He has been paid $928,000 since 2012 for four policy projects for the Pentagon.” 5/17/2018, Report: Professor with CIA Ties Had Number of Meetings with Trump Campaign Aides,” Breitbart, Kristina Wong


Added: For those really interested in this topic:

5/18/18, President Trump Questions FBI and DOJ Campaign Surveillance and Spy Operations – Carter Page and George Papadopoulos,” tcth, sundance

“Buried in paragraph 40 of the FBI/DOJ justification article presented by the New York Times on behalf of contributing editors James Comey, Sally Yates, Mary McCord, John Brennan and James Clapper, the oft-used intelligence propaganda outlet attempted to bury the lede:

“The F.B.I. obtained phone records and other documents using national security letters — a secret type of subpoena — officials said. And at least one government informant met several times with Mr. Page and Mr. Papadopoulos, current and former officials said. That has become a politically contentious point, with Mr. Trump’s allies questioning whether the F.B.I. was spying on the Trump campaign or trying to entrap campaign officials.”  (read more)

In essence what the Deep State apparatchik was/is doing is admitting they conducted a large-scale surveillance operation against their political opposition by weaponizing the most intrusive intelligence gathering capabilities of the federal government. An admission they denied for the previous 18 months….

And somehow, we are supposed to be ok with this….

From the justification outline the conspiracy crew focused on using the national security apparatus to target: •Michael Flynn; according to the article under Flynn was under surveillance since 2015 because he took a trip to Russia;Campaign and Delegate Manager Paul Manafort because he did business with Ukraine; and two unpaid low level staff “volunteers” •Carter Page and •George Papadopoulos.

Oddly, and damned sure not coincidentally, Carter Page was an FBI asset in March of 2016 and yet somehow by October the same year he was a foreign agent, acting on behalf of mother Russia, and deserving of a FISA Title-1 Surveillance Warrant to ensure every second of every move was tracked and monitored as if he was an activated terrorist en-route to the detonation site:


(Full Memo pdf)

In 2013 the U.S. Department of Justice, Southern District of New York, announced an indictment against a Russian Operative Evgeny Buryakov.  LINK HERE  In March of 2016 Buryakov pleaded GUILTY: Carter Page was an FBI cooperating asset in 2013, and remained the primary FBI witness through May of 2016 throughout the duration of the Buryakov case.

Carter Page
If Carter Page was an FBI asset and witness, responsible for the bust of a high level Russian agent in 2013, and remained so throughout the court case UP TO May of 2016, how the f**k is it possible that on October 21st, 2016, Carter Page is put under a FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant as an alleged Russian agent?

Conclusion:  He wasn’t.

The DOJ National Security Division and the FBI Counterintelligence Division, knew he wasn’t a Russian agent.

The DOJ [National Security Division] and FBI  flat-out LIED to the FISA court.

Now, go back to the March 2016 DOJ Press Release of the guilty pleading for Evgeny Buryakov, announced from the New York office:

…”Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and John P. Carlin, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, announced”…

Because “FISA Title-I” surveillance authority against a U.S. citizen is so serious (the U.S. government is essentially calling the target a spy), only a few people are authorized to even apply for such surveillance warrants.

One of the four people authorized to make such a filing is the Asst. Attorney General who is head of the National Security Division of the DOJ. At the time that person was John P Carlin.  

The same John P Carlin who worked with the FBI counterintelligence unit, conscripted Carter Page as an FBI asset/witness, gained a guilty plea, then turned around six months later accuses their star witness of being a Russian Spy?…

Why?  Likely because the DOJ-National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) and FBI Counterintelligence needed to find a legal way to spy on the Trump campaign. The 2016 FISA Title 1 surveillance of former FBI employee Carter Page became that legal way. [“The Insurance Policy”]

In October of 2016, at approximately the same time the DOJ was making the FISA Court filing against Page, and successfully gaining the surveillance warrant, Asst. Attorney General  John P Carlin resigned as head of the DOJ-NSD.  –SEE HERE–  Did Carlin resign in protest? or, did Carlin resign knowing he too had served a larger purpose?

With John Carlin gone, immediately after admitting to FISA(702)(16)(17) search abuses [page 19, Court cites obvious surveillance abuses], the surveillance application filed by the DOJ to the FISA Court was signed by Sally Yates.

Sally Yates previously denied the DOJ Inspector General any oversight over the DOJ National Security Division. {SEE HERE}  Huh…

Responding to a 2015 request by the DOJ Office of Inspector General, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates told the internal watchdog they cannot investigate the National Security Division. That’s right, there was essentially no oversight on any activity happening inside the NSD [DOJ National Security Division].

In 2015 the OIG requested oversight [of DOJ] and it was Sally Yates who responded with a lengthy 58-page legal explanation saying, essentially, ‘nope – not allowed.’ (PDF HERE) All of the DOJ is subject to oversight, except the NSD.

So where does this leave us?…

Occam’s Razor: The FISA Title I surveillance authority over Carter Page was cover, most likely retroactive cover, for the DOJ and FBI conducting surveillance on the Trump campaign. Previous to the October 21st, 2016, FISA Warrant the FBI was limited to using illegal searches of FISA(702)(16)(17) FBI and NSA databases {see here}; and according to the New York Times: “National Security Letters”.

[NPR]: “National Security Letters are a type of administrative subpoena designed to allow the FBI to access the records of people suspected of being foreign agents. Section 505 of the Patriot Act expanded the FBI’s ability to use these subpoenas: FBI agents now only have to state that the information sought is “relevant” to a national security investigation in order to obtain sensitive financial, communications and other personal records. The letters are issued by FBI field offices and are not subject to judicial oversight. Recipients of these letters are under a gag order. (link)”

The DOJ-National Security Division and FBI Counterintelligence Unit didn’t care about Carter Page because to them he was a useful tool. It wasn’t Page they needed, per se’, they just needed someone, anyone, who had contact with the Trump campaign that they could apply the label “foreign agent” upon.

How did they enhance that appearance?

Enter Stefan Halper.

Remember the Peter Strzok trip to London?

The source of John Brennan’s “Electronic Communication”, which initiated the July 31st, 2016, origination authority of the FBI Counterintelligence operation, is likely FBI and CIA operative Stefan Halper a foreign policy expert and Cambridge professor with connections to the CIA and its British counterpart, MI6.

“[Stefan] Halper met campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page at a July 2016 symposiumheld at Cambridge regarding the upcoming election, Page told TheDCNF [Daily Caller]. The pair remained in contact for several months.”(link)

Stefan Halper posesses a very specific set of skills from all of his prior work within politics and the intelligence community. Halper was in contact with every official and entity in the set-up; and Halper was in the right places at the times when all of these set-up meetings and issues took place.

Stefan Halper connects to the same circle of intelligence operatives Christopher Steele used for his sketchy [Golden Showers Anti-Trump] Dossier construct. Halper’s role looks simple: make the low-level Trump campaign aides appear dirty…the CIA would relay that information to the FBI; and the FBI counterintelligence unit (Agent Peter Strzok) would take it from there.

The DOJ/FBI just needed someone they could position to gain the FISA “Title I” surveillance approval that would retroactively make all prior sketchy campaign surveillance legal. Carter Page and George Papadopoulos checked the right boxes.

Page didn’t need to be a “plant” or a willing “participant”, he was carrying surveillance authority like an Ebola virus and transmitting it onto everyone he contacted. Both Page and Papadopoulos were useful for the corrupt intelligence apparatus because they could attach a label to them and justify their surveillance and monitoring. Nothing more....

Carter Page testified to the House Intelligence Committee that DOJ-FBI officials leaked his identity, his role in the Buryakov case, to the media.  This is confirmation from Page himself that he was an FBI asset and witness...........

(Source Link – Page. #19 House Intelligence Testimony pdf)”…

Comments to above include posts of Washington Post and NY Times headlines saying Trump is wrong–FBI spying was really “to protect him”–he doesn’t understand how things work:

Below, 5/18/18, Washington Post: Trump is wrong, Spy was there “to protect him,” Trump just doesn’t understand how things work. Link to this at Washington Post. (Twitter poster added his comment above WaPo headline)….via tcth, “Pam says: May 18, 2018 at 9:40 pm”


Below, 5/18/18, NY Times: Trump is wrong, Spy wasn’t there to spy on him, as he claims: (posted on tcth byHmmm… says: May 18, 2018 at 9:43 pm”

NY Times link

Comment: US taxpayers must remain mute except to advocate violent removal of Putin. US taxpayers must accept that they don’t exist except as global slaves of the Endless Unwinnable War Industry. As to “ties to Russia,” what is a “tie to Russia?” Countless people in the US have “ties to Russia.” Why is Russia worse than Communist China or Islamic countries, for example ? Answer: One, because the War Industry doesn’t think it can beat Communist China. Two, it’s counting on Islamic populations and sharia in the US to eliminate US culture. Suggestion: If spoiled brat NY Times, Washington Post, and their War Industry pals don’t like Russia, they’re free to go over there and try to remove Putin. It’s Muslims who are committing mass murder on US soil and many other places–the US political class is even inviting them here with “Diversity Lotteries” and the like. Absolutely no one in power in the US views their first priority to be protecting Americans.

We the slaves are the only ones who want this to stop–and slaves have no power unless they’re willing to die. You can overthrow a large country if you’re willing to do it gradually over a generation. Certainly the Bush family did a great deal to weaken the US.

The Intelgate campaign to neuter Trump and his 63 million voters isn’t a Republican vs Democrat matter though it ostensibly began during a Democrat administration. The US has long since ceased to exist for the political class except as an ATM machine. The Establishment of both parties favors open borders, extreme globalism, massive free trade deals, endless foreign wars paid for by US taxpayers, and a crushing central government. Not that elections matter anymore, but if they did, it remains the case that half the electorate (Republican voters, Independents who lean Republican, disaffected Democrats, and other Independents), still has no political party to reflect their views. The GOP E never did an “autopsy” after their massive rejection in 2016. It would simply have said, we want democrat voters to be our voters and if we can’t have that then we’ll remain in the minority. They’re happier in the minority anyway–1994 was the first time in 40 years Republicans controlled the House. They care about their donors. All the donor money in the world is invested in putting America Last.


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