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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Per Obama adviser, trade deals force constant downward pressure on US wages, aren't about promoting production in the US. US isn't even enforcing existing trade agreements adequately. TPP does nothing for Americans, is about increasing ability of global corporations to source at lowest cost-UK Guardian, 10/9/2015

10/9/2015, "Wikileaks release of TPP deal text stokes 'freedom of expression' fears," UK Guardian, Sam Thielman in NY

(scroll down): "Obama has pledged to make the TPP public but only after the legislation has passed.

Michael Wessel was one of the advisers who was asked by the US government to review what he said were woefully inadequate portions of the document. Wessel said the thrust of the TPP does nothing for Americans. 

“This is about increasing the ability of global corporations to source wherever they can at the lowest cost,” he said.

It is not about enhancing or promoting production in the United States,” Wessel said. “We aren’t enforcing today’s trade agreements adequately. Look at China and Korea. Now we’re not only expanding trade to a far larger set of countries under a new set of rules that have yet to be tested but we’re preparing to expand that to many more countries. It would be easier to accept if we were enforcing today’s rules.”

Wessel said that ultimately, the countries currently benefiting from increased outsourcing of jobs by American firms aren’t likely to see wages rise above a certain level. “If you look in other countries, Mexico and India and others – there’s been a rise in the middle class but there’s been stagnation for those we’re hoping to get into the middle class,” Wessel said. 

Companies are scouring the globe for countries they can get to produce most cheaply.
That, he said, results in constant downward pressure on American wages. “Companies are not invested here the way we’d like them to; they’re doing stock buybacks and higher dividends,” Wessel continued. “They may yield support for the stock-holding class but it’s not creating jobs.”"


Added: Trades deals are a way politicians sell out their fellow citizens:

May 16, 2016, Der Spiegel: "It's hard to know what drives politicians to sell out their people and their country." (5th parag. from end)

5/6/2016, "The TTIPing Point: Protests Threaten Trans-Atlantic Trade Deal," Der Spiegel, Dinah Deckstein, Simone Salden, Michaela Schiebl 

TTIP was a planned trade deal between US and EU cronies that European citizens found out about in time to stop: TTIP was
 "a failed attempt to bypass 800 million European citizens  as they negotiate
 the world's largest bilateral trade agreement.  
From the very beginning, the government underestimated the level of resistance these incursions on virtually all aspects of life would unleash among the people."...

The most deadly part of these trade deals is addition of a global arbitration court, a new global bureaucracy, out of reach of elected officials of any country, to decide disputes and award financial settlements, and which supercedes existing laws of countries involved. Per Der Spiegel, "the Americans," meaning ultra-globalist Obama, insisted on this global court for TTIP:

"Even the pledge made on the European side that there would be no arbitration courts has turned out to be wishful thinking. So far, the Americans have insisted on the old style of arbitration court."



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