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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mr. Trudeau, people are more informed about trade today. I hope that's OK with you. For example, 250,000 people in Berlin protested TTIP, a US-EU trade deal-UK Guardian, Oct. 10, 2015

Image, An estimated 250,000 "Protesters gather to demonstrate against the TTIP trade agreement in Berlin on Saturday [Oct. 2015]. Photograph: Axel Schmidt/Getty Images," via UK Guardian 
10/10/2015, "Berlin anti-TTIP trade deal protest attracts hundreds of thousands," UK Guardian, Chris Johnston

"Environmental groups, charities and opposition parties who organised protest against free trade deal between the EU and US say 250,000 people took part."

Added: Trade deals highlight the elite's contempt for the people:

"The European elite’s contempt for the people of Europe has manifested itself with brutal clarity in their imposition of austerity on the populations of Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Latvia, Ireland and Portugal, as well as their drive to conclude the TTIP [US-EU trade deal] negotiations in the face of such widespread public opposition."

6/26/2016, "We thought the best thing about Brexit would be avoiding TTIP - but the fight isn't over yet," UK Independent, John Hilary, Exec. Dir., War on Want 





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