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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Obama's legacy is President Trump-Rush Limbaugh, 5/8/18

Obama's legacy is Trump-Rush Limbaugh

5/8/18, "Trump exits Iran deal," Rush Limbaugh

"So we get down to what is the Obama administration legacy? And that is Donald Trump....Primarily the Obama legacy to America is the Trump presidency."...(scroll down, 2nd and 5th parags. below image of Obama speaking at a podium with Biden behind him)


Comment: Obama was technically George Bush's legacy but the GOP Establishment desperately wanted Obama to win, made sure he ran unopposed in both 2008 and 2012. (McCain and Romney had no intention of winning). The GOP E prefers Democrats to be in charge. In 2006 the GOP happily lost both the House and Senate with a "Republican president." When we gave the House GOP a landslide victory in Nov. 2010, they were enraged. After Nov. 2008 there were almost no Republicans left in the House, but they liked it that way. Until 1994, the House had been in continuous Democrat control for 40 years. The entire political class favors an America Last agenda of open borders, endless foreign wars, extreme globalism, crushing central government, and massive free trade deals. All the big donor money is behind America Last. To this day half the US electorate still has no political party behind them. No one wants Trump's 63 million voters. To the GOP Establishment, enemy #1 is Republican voters.



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