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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Written on Muslim NY City subway bomber's passport: "O America, Die in your rage"-CBS NY/AP

12/13/17, "Port Authority Subway Bombing Suspect Arraigned From Hospital Bed," CBSNY/AP 

Akayed Ullah
"Authorities said a search of the Bangladeshi immigrant’s apartment turned up bomb-making materials, including screws matching those found at the scene intended as carnage-creating shrapnel.

The complaint says law enforcement also found a passport in Ullah’s name with handwritten notations, including one that read: “O AMERICA, DIE IN YOUR RAGE.

Ullah carried out the attack after researching how to build a bomb a year ago and planned his mission for several weeks, Kim said.

Court documents said he gathered the materials a few weeks ago and assembled them last week. The pipe bomb consisted of a Christmas light, wiring and a 9-volt battery, authorities said."...image from CBS NY/AP


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