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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Obama representatives met with high level government officials in both Iran and Syria during his 2008 presidential campaign. At the time, Iran and the US didn't even have diplomatic relations-AFP, INN, Feb. 2, 2009...(Still waiting for Special Prosecutor...)

Added: During his 2008 campaign, prior to his election, Obama representatives colluded with high-level government officials in both Iran and Syria. Agence France Presse didn't report the meetings as "collusion," rather as "secret talks." All parties correctly figured there would be no negative consequences for these treasonous acts-the US and Iran didn't even have diplomatic relations then.

2/2/2009, "Obama Held Secret Talks With Iran, Syria Weeks Before Election," Israel National News, Malkah Fleisher

"United States President Barack Obama employed representatives and experts to hold secret high-level talks with Iran and Syria months prior to his election as president, organizers of the meetings told Agence France Presse on Monday. 

Over the past few months, Obama campaign and election officials, as well as nuclear non-proliferation experts, had several "very, very high-level" contacts with Iranian leaders, according to Jeffrey Boutwell, executive director for the U.S. branch of the Pugwash group, a Nobel Prize-winning international organization of scientists. Former defense secretary William Perry, who served in Obama's election campaign, also participated in some of the meetings, which included discussions on Iran's nuclear program and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Though Boutwell refused to name other participants, he said they were senior figures in the Iranian and US governments.

The United States and Iran have had no official diplomatic relationship since the overthrow of the Shah and the institution of the Islamic Republic, 30 years ago. The U.S. accuses Iran of developing nuclear weapons.

In his first television interview as president, conducted by the Muslim Al-Arabiya television network, Obama called Iranians "a great people," adding "the U.S. has a stake in the well being of the Muslim world." 

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad affirmed the reports Monday that Obama officials had repeated contact with his country for some time prior to the U.S. elections.

"Dialogue started some weeks ago in a serious manner through personalities who are close to the administration and who were dispatched by the administration," Assad said."...


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