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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

We finally found something congress and its media pals won't leak: continuing House and Senate sexual abuse and theft of $17 million taxpayer dollars. Illegal intelligence leaks happen 24/7 but complete silence about sex slush fund-Nolte, Heilner...(US taxpayers thus remain the world's laughing stock)

"Cokie (Roberts) is still not being asked to names names." CNN could look into this matter with the free time it now has since backing out of the White House Christmas Party later this week.

11/28/17, "NPR’s Cokie Roberts: Press Corps Covered Up Congressional Sexual Misconduct ‘For Years’," Breitbart, John Nolte

"Appearing on ABC’s This Week, National Public Radio’s Cokie Roberts admitted that “for years” the female press corps has covered up sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill.

While speaking about John Conyers and Al Franken, two Democrats facing numerous sexual misconduct allegations, Roberts let this bomb matter-of-factly drop on the left-wing Sunday show, I mean, we all talked about for years: ‘Don’t get in the elevator with him,you know, and the whole every-female in the press corps knew that, right, don’t get in elevator with him.”

Which “him” is Roberts referring to? Conyers? Franken? Are there others?

But back up just a moment– According to Roberts, “every” woman in the press corps knew that there was sexual misconduct going on in congress, knew that it was so brazen and so permissive that not even a female reporter was safe on an elevator, and NO ONE REPORTED IT?

No one bothered to inform the public?

How do things get so brazen that a Conyers or a Franken or a whomever feels perfectly  safe groping a journalist on an elevator? I will tell you how — when said groper knows there will be no accountability for his behavior.
I am 51-years-old, and I have seen a bit of the world;  I have seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion and I have watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. But something I have never seen is a man grope a woman without her consent.

Yet, according to (Cokie) Roberts, our wonderful, glorious, utterly useless press corps knew for years this was going on in congress and covered it up, said nothing, let it slide, ENABLED IT, and through their silence, encouraged it.
What else are they covering up? What else are they allowing to happen in order to protect scumbags?

Other than the fact that our elites suck, this is my theory…

As we all know, Cokie Roberts is a lefty, as is 99% of the female press corps. Does anyone doubt, then, that the primary elevator gropers are/were Democrats, are/wereTed Kennedy/Franken/Conyers-types who voted the way in which the females press corps wanted them to vote, so a little snatch of media-bootie in an elevator was considered a small price to pay for abortion-on-demand?

And this is why, in my opinion, congress has gotten away with covering up these taxpayer-funded sexual harassment settlements for two decades. The media has known about this. Of course they have. Nothing was reported, though, because the names on that list are primarily Democrat “icons” like Conyers.

Even now, even when we know about this secret fund, the media’s interest in the story, in exposing the wrongdoers, is practically non-existent. 

This should be the biggest story in the world, the narrative dominating everything else. It is all there — a $17 million slush fund, cover ups, corruption, sex — but the media does not really care. Just last week, the left-wing Politico was downplaying this outrage, hoping to wrist-flick it all away. And I think we all know why…

Democrats sure got it good. So good, in fact, Cokie is still not being asked to names names."


Added: "The swamp is extremely deep. It consists of politicians from both parties, bureaucrats, a bevy of reporters who will report what they are told, lobbyists, and others. They have amassed a great deal of power, and they will not let an outsider take that away."

11/27/17, "We've finally found something politicians and reporters have considered important enough to keep secret for decades," American Thinker, Jack Hellner 

"Americans should pay close attention to the scandal that didn't leak.

Information from the Mueller investigation leaks like a sieve. 

Information from intelligence committees and intelligence agencies has a way of showing up in newspapers....

The illegal unmasking of information around people who know Trump is rampant.

Ben Rhodes has said the White House could plant lies about the Iran deal with selective reporters, and they would just print what they were told. 

We know from DNC leaked emails that there were reporters that would just print what Democrats allowed.

Fusion GPS was able to plant false information with the media that was paid for by Democrats, and the media just reported it as genuine intelligence....

But no one seems to have ever leaked a story or reported a story about an over 20-year-old slush fund where politicians paid off people who complained – with taxpayers' money. We don't know how the fund was set up, where the appropriation came from, who approved each payoff and how the amount was decided, who drew up the documents that required secrecy, and whom the complaints were about. Why will Congress leak so many classified documents but nothing about the slush fund? 

So long as nobody is watching, politicians from both parties do not care about using taxpayer money to pay off people, nor do they actually care about anyone who was abused.

Otherwise, there would have been many expulsions relating to the claims paid. They care about protecting themselves – nothing else. 

The swamp is extremely deep. It consists of politicians from both parties, bureaucrats, a bevy of reporters who will report what they are told, lobbyists, and others. They have amassed a great deal of power, and they will not let an outsider take that away.

Reporters should be digging deep into this slush fund, but they seem to have as much interest in that as they do in who killed Seth Rich and why. "


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