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Saturday, November 22, 2014

In filthy China citizens are forced to live amid mountains of trash and stench in streets-UK Express

11/21/14, "As Britain sends tonnes of waste to China…residents wade through dirty streets," UK Express, Helen Barratt

"Importing thousands of tonnes of waste from British households has left this Chinese city with a dirty habit."

"These filthy photographs show monstrous mounting piles of waste overflowing into streets and even blocking roads in the city of Shenzhen in southern China's Guangdong Province.

The smell is so bad nauseous residents have taken to wearing masks.

Tonnes of plastic recycling being sent from Britain and other European countries is being blamed for the backlog, as tough EU laws have forced local authorities and businesses on the continent to recycle more.

As a result, migrant labour, including council staff, are jumping from being council rubbish sorters to private companies where they can earn more cash.

And that has left Shenzhen with domestically-produced rubbish piling up on the city's streets.

One local Sun Fu, 33, said: "We have been forced to wear masks to deal with the smell, and sometimes roads can be blocked as the rubbish heaps topple over when they get too high. Something has to be done about this."

While the country is drowning in a mass of waste, China drives the global waste trade, importing more than 3 million tonnes of waste plastic and 15 million tonnes of paper and cardboard a year including vast amounts coming from the UK.

As landfill charges are rising in UK, it is becoming cheaper to send waste to China on the vast number of shipping containers arriving in Britain with Chinese exports.
Freight experts in Britain said the return waste trade to China is accelerating rapidly." via Free Rep.


"A resident tries to mask the smell of rotting waste in China," Cen photos
"China is struggling to maintain its waste management work"
"A van is trapped, surrounded by waste in the road" 
"Residents have been complaining to the council for months"
"Traffic tries to dodge the mounds of waste" 


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