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Thursday, April 10, 2014

UN IPCC admits major error, CO2 emissions from cars nowhere as bad as they predicted. Then immediately get back to predicting terror, 'warn' all will be lost unless politicians raise taxes, prevent discretionary travel, revamp cities. 'Expert' notes recession helped lower CO2-BBC

 4/9/14,  "Reducing car pollution easier than UN experts thought," BBC, Roger Harrabin 

"Reducing pollution from cars has been cheaper and easier than UN experts thought, a draft report says. The UN's climate panel has admitted it underestimated the huge gains in weight and fuel efficiency achieved by car manufacturers.

But the panel says all the improvements will be swamped by the future growth in global traffic.

That is unless governments improve public transport,  

tax motorists and  

plan cities for walking and cycling.

The report, seen by BBC News, warns that transport will become the biggest source of CO2 emissions

unless politicians act firmly....

The report lists a host of measures to be used to combat increased emissions. Some will be controversial, others will be invisible. 

They include: behavioural change leading to avoided journeys, internet shopping, a shift to public transport, better technology, low-carbon fuels, investments in related infrastructure and changes in cities to promote walking and cycling.

The UK's leading expert on transport and the environment, Prof Julia King from Aston University, told BBC News: "The automotive industry has brought energy efficiency technologies into vehicles faster than most people predicted and at lower cost.

"The result in the UK of technology acceleration, combined with fuel price increases and the impact of the recession, is that new car emissions fell to 130g/km - two years ahead of the EU deadline of 2015. The drop shows that regulation can work - the EU new car CO2 regulatory target

and the US efficiency target

seem to be driving the acceleration.""...


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