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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

EU to blacklist killer shrimp and other species predators threatening biodiversity and extinction of species. Border patrol to be beefed up to keep certain species out-BBC

4/15/14, "EU blacklist to stop spread of alien species," BBC, Claire Marshall

"The European Parliament is voting on a bill to draw up a blacklist to fight invasive alien species such as killer shrimp and Japanese knotweed spreading.

There will be a ban on the possession, transport, selling or growing of species deemed as of "Union Concern".

The list was going to be restricted to 50, but will now have no limit. It is not clear which species will be banned. 

A deal between EU member states effectively means the bill will pass and become law within a few months.

This comes as MPs slam current government policy on controlling alien species as "not fit for purpose".

Biodiversity loss
The economic and ecological damage caused by non-native species such as the so-called killer shrimp and demon shrimp originally from the Black Sea, the Asian Harlequin ladybird or Japanese knotweed are estimated to cost Europe some 12bn euros every year.

In the UK the bill is at least £1.7bn.

Experts say such insects, plants and animals are one of the major causes of biodiversity loss and species extinction.

They can also spread disease and cause health problems such as asthma, dermatitis and allergies. The new law will require member states to analyse how troublesome species enter the country and to improve surveillance systems.

Official checks at EU borders will be stepped up. Action plans on how to manage established invasive species also have to be developed.

MEP Pavel Poc, who is guiding the legislation through the European Parliament, said: "Efforts are very often not effective simply because those species do not respect geographical boundaries. Co-operation between member states is therefore crucial."...

"Species such as American crayfish, demon and killer shrimp are causing considerable damage to British ecosystems and we don't currently know whether they also pose a biosecurity threat in terms of parasites and disease they being with them.""

. MPs warn of invasion by non-native plant and animal species 5 hrs ago Killer prawn that could harm animals and even humans invades Britain 6 hrs ago 

Mail Online UK TEN new animals and plants arrive in Britain each year 7 hrs ago


Comment: No mention of global warming causing species extinction.


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