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Friday, April 25, 2014

No other conclusion can be drawn but the Bush family and its GOP Ruling Class cronies are dedicated to destroying the Republican Party and the country, their sabotage of 2012 Missouri GOP primary just one of many examples

Bush crony sabotage of 2012 Missouri Republican primary detailed below following erroneous Washington Examiner claim to the contrary:

4/24/14, "GOP rallies behind Thom Tillis but the hits keep coming," Washington Examiner, Rebecca Berg

"The national Republican Party and its network of supportive third-party groups have aggressively worked to correct their mistakes from the last election cycle.

No longer is the party content to sit idly by and let the primary play out as it will, as it did in states such as Missouri in 2012, to disastrous effect in the general election."...

For Washington Examiner's information:

In March 2012 former US Senator John Danforth along with a Bush family cousin among others engaged in a last minute sabotage attack against a slate of three Republican primary candidates running for the US Senate nomination from Missouri 5 months before the August 7, 2012 primary election.

Danforth and his group had a 4th prospective candidate in mind, Danforth friend and former Bush administration State Dept. official Thomas Schweich. 

2012 was Danforth’s second attempt to trash incipient normal functioning of a Missouri US Senate GOP primary by promoting his friend Schweich, the first being in 2009.
The three candidates in 2012 had been running for months, one was a sitting congressman who’d been re-elected 5 times, one had won statewide election before, and one was self-financed and strongly endorsed by the US Chamber of Commerce. The Danforth group’s open letter” was provided to the media and promoted a prospective fourth candidate they said would have the best chance to win (“nothing against anyone else”). Obviously a 4th candidate  would further splinter the vote. Danforth’s clear implication was the 3 GOP candidates were so bad he needed to interrupt their campaign and momentum. In the meantime, his candidate just needs a couple weeks to decide for sure if he’ll run. The Danforth group could’ve worked behind the scenes lining up donors, preparing their potential candidate, and when all was in place announce his addition before the March 27 filing deadline. As it turned out, Danforth candidate Tom Schweich, ended up announcing on March 20 that

  • he wouldn’t be running after all.
The result of Danforth’s action was to take two weeks of momentum away from the existing GOP slate, humiliate them, interrupt and diminish their fundraising, make the GOP look like an unprincipled collection of mental cases, deter good people from attempting to become GOP candidates, and harm the entire country. Clearly this isn’t Mr. Danforth’s preoccupation, but harming the GOP harms America. The Republican Party is the only vehicle available to turn back the radical left in the US. The candidate who was a sitting Congressman said of Danforth’s purported rescue of the GOP from allegedly weak candidates

The candidate, Todd Akin also said he considered Danforth a friend. (Contrary to media headlines, Akin wasn’t a “Tea Party candidate.“ Tea Party groups and Sarah Palin supported his two opponents, Steelman and Brunner. The GOP establishment actually gave Akin his start in politics in 1987. In 2010 he was re-elected for the 5th time with 67.9% of the vote. The House ‘Tea Party Caucus‘ didn’t exist until July 19, 2010). Publicly sabotaging  entire slates of GOP candidates late in campaigns obviously weakens all the candidates and increases likelihood of a democrat winning. Which is likely what you have in mind when you publicly announce that today’s GOP
    calling for push back against Republican and Conservative Christians. (p. 5).

    Danforth’s book, Faith and Politics asks, “Are Christians reconcilers or dividers? I guess he’s talking about pesky Christians who weren’t slaughtered by Islamic terrorists on 9/11/2001. 

    Some say the GOP wants polished candidates but their actions say otherwise. They let many months go by in which they could’ve coached any of the 2012 Missouri US Senate primary candidates. Instead they tried to make GOP candidates much weaker. This doesn’t even get into Danforth’s disrespect for the time and money invested by candidates, their staffs, families, and donors. Citizens concerned about Missouri and the country may have sacrificed to donate to one of the GOP candidates Danforth smeared. He threw an entire election into disarray. Thanks to Danforth, the idea of  weak GOP candidates” was pounded into the electorate’s mind for 2 weeks. Then Danforth and his establishment cronies were gone leaving Missourians with the knowledge that the United States has only one functioning political party, the radical left democrats.

    • ============================
    In the 2010 US Senate race Missouri Republican Roy Blunt defeated “household Democrat name” Robin Carnahan by 14 points. This was despite a May 2009 sabotage attempt by Danforth. Rep. Roy Blunt had already announced his candidacy and sitting Missouri Senator Kit Bond had endorsed him. Danforth hit town and directly rebuked Congressman Roy Blunt’s candidacy and the endorsement given him only days earlier by current Missouri US Senator Kit Bond, presenting his friend and former Bush administration State Dept. official Thomas Schweich as “an alternative” to beat Democrat Carnahan. Despite Danforth’s efforts, Roy Blunt beat Democrat Carnahan by 14 points:

    5/11/2009, “Danforth Lends Credibility to Schweich,”

    "Former Senator John Danforth’s endorsement of St. Louis law professor Thomas Schweich for U.S. Senate gives the little known former U.S. ambassador an initial jolt of credibility among

    • top tier Republicans who remain uneasy about next year’s election prospects.
    Schweich is not well known outside of St. Louis political circles, but Danforth’s strong backing of his former chief of staff is

    • grabbing the attention of GOP leaders, donors and consultants across the state….
    It’s a direct rebuke of Congressman Roy Blunt’s candidacy and a clear separation from the current incumbent, Sen. Kit Bond, who just tossed his official blessing to Blunt on Friday. If there was any doubt that

    about how to best defeat Robin Carnahan next year, Monday’s news should rest the case. “I think we have a better chance at keeping Senator Bond’s seat with Tom Schweich than anyone else I can think of,” Danforth said.”…

    • ================================
    Danforth’s 2009 and 2012 sabotage attempts naturally elicited negative publicity about the GOP:

    Danforth on behalf of “his” party, makes excellent use of his high profile to attack Republicans and conservative Christians (“I’m counting on nausea.”) in such venues as the NY Times, the Washington Post, a radio broadcast, and even a 2006 book timed to negatively effect Republicans (p. 5)  in the midterm elections.

    The GOP as exemplified by Danforth is determined to destroy the US two party system. Following is a partial Danforth career chronology:

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