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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NY City colder than Montana today at 17 degrees. Over last six weeks NYC temperatures have averaged 6 degrees below normal. Coney Island begins search for 500 summer employees today

3/4/14, "New York Today: Colder Than Montana," cityroom.blogs.nytimes, by Newman, Correal

"Updated 9:37 a.m....

It is a relatively balmy 30 degrees this morning.

In Montana.

Here in New York, it’s 17 degrees.

The wind chill is once again near zero.

And we’re wondering when, if ever, winter will end.

Today is the ninth unseasonably cold day in a row, and the 23rd in the past 29.

Over the last six weeks, the temperature has averaged 29 degrees. That’s six degrees below normal for New York. And about normal for Kalispell, Mont., near Glacier National Park....

By Friday the temperature will crack 40 in New York City....

Still not quite normal — we should be pushing 50 by now.... 


The Alliance for Coney Island begins its search for 500 seasonal employees, including servers at Nathan’s. [Free, register for time and location]"...

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