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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Florida special election winner David Jolly was labeled a global warming denier and 'the tea party candidate'-Tampa Bay Times

""I tend to vote Democrat,'' she said. "I believe the tea party candidate, David Jolly, would be a disaster.''...

3/11/14, "David Jolly has lead in close Pinellas congressional race," Tampa Bay Times, Leary, Wiseman, Puente

"As polls closed Tuesday, Republican David Jolly had overtaken Alex Sink's initial lead, setting up a cliff-hanger. By 7:20 p.m. Jolly was leading with 48 percent of the vote to Sink's 47 percent. But the race is expected to be close, with scores of voters casting ballots in person Tuesday.

The Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections estimated voter turnout at 39 percent through 6 p.m. That includes the unofficial early voting turnout of 27.6 percent and 11.4 percent turnout at the polls....

Poll workers at the Gulfport Presbyterian Church reported a "steady stream" of voters. St. Petersburg College professor Scott Copper voted along Democratic Party lines. "I like them in charge," said Cooper, 50, noting that he likes where Sink stands on issues such as health care.

The barrage of negative ads forced him to not watch television for the last month. Still, he doesn't think the ads sway many voters.

Bernard Wright, a retired pipe fitter from Michigan has called Gulfport home for more than 20 years. The World War II veteran stood in front of the church thanking voters for doing their civic duty."I'm glad people voted," said Wright, 86. "I don't care who they vote for, even a Republican."

Wright, a Democrat, said he voted for Sink. He fears the negative ads might turn people off from voting. "I'm sick of it. I see no reason for it."...

As he continued thanking voters, Wright said: "A lot of people died for this right. It's our inalienable right to vote even if it's for a Republican."...

Beverly Dickinson, 65, focused more on the climate than Social Security and health care. Still, the Democrat voted along party lines.

"Anyone who denies the existence of global warming doesn't deserve a place in Congress," she said.... 

Laura Vittetoe, 27, an attorney in St. Petersburg, voted for Sink. "I tend to vote Democrat,'' she said. "I believe the tea party candidate, David Jolly, would be a disaster.''...

Jason Spears, 35, is a contractor who said David Jolly's commitment to repealing Obamacare made him the best choice. 

"It all came down to healthcare," Spears said. "We're small business owners, and the impact it will have on us and on employees is fairly catastrophic."...


Comment: The article quotes a voter describing David Jolly (who won) as "the tea party candidate." I mention it for the record since it was reported Wed. March 12 that the Tea Party barely exists in Pinellas County, the implication being it had no influence on the election. Perhaps the Ghost of the Tea Party is at work:

3/12/14, "Alex Sink Rides Global Warming Alarmism to Surprise Congressional Defeat in FL-13," Forbes, James Taylor
"The district is urban and decidedly moderate. The Tea Party barely exists here."...

 Poor David Jolly was tagged with being a global warming denier on top of being "the tea party candidate." Who could possibly be elected after that, right? The Tampa Bay Times is the former St. Petersburg Times and its views align with the far left.



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