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Saturday, April 28, 2012

U. of Arizona climate profiteer says 2011 Arizona fire caused by 2 campers was actually caused by global warming requiring military deployment

4/22/12, "Defense Dept. on front lines of climate-change issue,", Opinion, by Rafe Sagarin

'Climate change' had nothing to do with the largest fire in Arizona history. It was an untended campfire.

8/24/11, "Feds charge 2 in devastating Wallow fire," AP, East Valley Tribune

"Federal charges have been filed against two cousins accused of accidentally causing the largest forest fire in Arizona's history by leaving a campfire unattended.

The U.S. attorney's office on Wednesday announced the charges against Caleb Joshua Malboeuf, 26, of Benson and David Wayne Malboeuf, 24, of Tucson.

The U.S. Forest Service said its investigators determined the men were camping in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest when the fire began there May 29.

The agency said the two were out hiking when their campfire spread outside its fire ring in high winds....

The men each face five counts, including leaving a fire unattended and failing to maintain control of a fire that damaged a National Forest System....

Winds whipped the Wallow fire as it burned more than

538,000 acres in eastern Arizona and parts of western New Mexico, destroying 32 homes, four commercial structures and 36 outbuildings....

Monsoon rains eventually put out the flames."...


The fire came close to the U.S. Army’s Fort Huachuca but not because of excess CO2 from US automobiles or light bulbs as University of Arizona climate profiteer Sagarin suggests. Nor is action by "the international community" called for in US campfire matters. Arizona Republic op-ed author Sagarin says the 2011 fire came 'up to the doorstep' of the US military and convinced them that global warming exists, is a national security threat, requires beefing up forces in Arizona, and that they need training in 'climate change' from persons at the University of Arizona funded by the US taxpayer. US taxpayer dollars for this edition of the climate Ponzi scheme via the US Dept. of Defense.


Sagarin is a University of Arizona ecologist..

4/22/12, "Defense Dept. on front lines of climate-change issue,", Opinion, by Rafe Sagarin

"While the international community repeatedly stalls on taking meaningful action about climate change, there is one internationally focused organization that isn't waiting around -- the U.S. Department of Defense.

The generals and admirals there already see how climate change is affecting their operations and their strategic planning. ...

The Southwest region of the U.S. in particular is a critical zone for Defense Department readiness....

This region faces a wide range of likely interacting threats from climate change...increased severity of droughts and floods, radically altered fire regimes...that make it particularly important to train Defense Department managers on how to prepare for and adapt to the changing operational environment.

  • The department got a preview of this

in summer 2011 when Arizona's Monument Fire burned right up to the doorstep of the Army's Fort Huachuca. In short, the Southwest presents an intensified suite of climate-change impacts that Defense Department facilities are likely to experience.

Researchers from a wide range of fields at the University of Arizona -- from computer climate modeling and fire ecology to hydrology and social sciences -- have recently been selected by the Defense Department to help managers at Southwestern Defense facilities understand the risks they face with a changing climate and learn how to adapt to these risks."...


"Rafe Sagarin is an ecologist at the University of Arizona. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and a former AAAS Congressional Science Fellow. His books, "Natural Security"... and "Learning From the Octopus"... outline in full the multidisciplinary development of the linkages between biological evolution, adaptation and security."


Another citation that 2011 fire near Army Fort Huachuca was "human caused."

June 16, 2011, "Monument Fire – 40 Homes Destroyed; Army Post in Pre-Evacuation Mode," Firefighter blog

"The Monument Fire is burning in Cochise County near Sierra Vista Arizona, home to the U.S. Army’s Fort Huachuca. The 10,000 acre wind driven blaze has already destroyed 40 homes and 10 buildings described as “other”....

This human caused fire started 6/12, orginating 4 miles east of Hereford, AZ."


Ed. note: People in the military are taught to do one thing, take orders without comment. Their job is to carry out Obama's orders. If people at U. of Arizona said global warming did not exist they would be out millions in free money.

via Tom Nelson

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