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Thursday, April 26, 2012

EU funded climate alarmist group Ice2Sea positioned to influence next UN IPCC report with 8 writers, disputes recent AGU 30 yr. study

The following BBC report erroneously states ice is being lost in the Antarctic. It cites no substantiation for this claim. Farther down this 2012 "news" story one finds the data was collected from 2003-2008 and: "The researchers draw on modelling work and information from a range of other studies to explain the thinning observed by Icesat." Near the end of the article one finds EU money is involved via EU funded alarmist group ice2sea whose news release says it's involved with the next UN Climate Report. From everything said in this article, CAGW is assumed to exist by all concerned, expenditures and "studies" are part of CAGW's endless gifts. The EU has enormous financial interest in global warming, has a failed carbon trading market they're desperately trying to keep afloat. If people working on these projects came back and said sorry, there's no CAGW, they'd obviously never work again.

The BBC piece doesn't mention the Feb. 2012 AGU 30 year study that found Antarctic ice to be stable, nor NSIDC data showing years long uptrends for Antarctic ice, nor other current UIUC Ice data. This wouldn't matter so much except that thanks to decades of lazy politicians, the US is assumed to be subservient to EU/UN/UK parasites. We're the dog, and the politico-climate mob is the tail that's wagging us.

US politicians think so little of us that they even force us to pay half the expenses of greasy UN IPCC jet setters. We did not elect the UN, EU or Goldman Sachs. Below is a link to the EU Ice2Sea press release followed by more links and discussion:

4/25/12, "Warm ocean driving Antarctic ice loss," BBC, J. Amos

"Most of the ice being lost from Antarctica is going as a result of warm water eating the fringes of the continent, scientists say.

The researchers used a satellite laser to measure the thinning occurring on ice shelves - the floating tongues of ice that jut out from the land.

The team's analysis found the shelves' shrinkage could not be attributed simply to warmer air temperatures.

Rather, it is warm water getting under the floating ice to melt it from below."...


Ice2Sea Antarctic ice news release:

4/25/12, "News Release: Ice2sea researchers discover warm ocean currents are causing the majority of ice loss from Antarctica," Ice2Sea press release.

All parties in the report including academic institutions benefit financially and/or professionally by keeping climate alarmism alive. Greater still are interests of the UK government, London's CO2 trading, and the UK monarchy's financial survival. Ice2Sea is "funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)" and has 8 writers working on the next UN IPCC climate report (page 10). At the very end of Ice2Sea's article it says the data were "collected during the period 2003 – 2008." The 5 year time span alone isn't long enough to excitedly pronounce long sought proof of man-caused disaster against which world government must take action and trillions of taxpayer dollars must be transferred.

Further, a Feb, 2012 copyrighted study by the American Geophysical Union concludes Antarctic ice is not melting, and says regional variations are minimal. The study spanned 30 years, 1979-2010. In fact, Ice2Sea was one of the sponsors of the AGU study, (p.4, Acknowledgements).

NSIDC says Antarctic ice is known to experience wide variations from year to year, but is overall not experiencing decline. Alarmists had predicted penguins were going extinct in the Antarctic but that has now been found very wrong, penguins are doing quite well.

The Euro/UN/Centric alarmist group Ice2Sea is in place to influence the UN IPCC report as the following paragraphs describe. The next IPCC "report" will likely influence 300 million hapless lives in the United States. From Ice2Sea website, page 10:

"6. IPCC Fifth Assessment Review

The requirement for ice2sea to support the writing of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Review has been accepted since the original Announcement of Opportunity. Indeed, IPCC may in some ways be considered as the primary stakeholder for ice2sea, and the success of ice2sea may be judged in some part by how the IPCC authors choose to cite the output from the programme.

There are several areas in which ice2sea outputs may be quoted by the IPCC in Working Group I and II of the assessment: in particular, chapters 4 (Observations of the Cryosphere) and 13 (Projections of sea-level rise) in Working Group I. Eight members of ice2sea have been selected into the IPCC writing team (page 10), over four chapters. Seven of the 24 project partners are therefore represented in the AR4 report. Although this cannot guarantee uptake of ice2sea results by the IPCC, it does ensure that the IPCC has good visibility of ice2sea science....

It therefore remains ice2sea’s top priority to produce these manuscripts for review by the deadline of the IPCC, in July 2012."...


Additional links of interest.

The UK has taxes called "Climate Change Levy."

It can't very well admit man-caused climate change isn't happening after they've taken a fortune in taxes because of it.


EU governments need carbon trading profits to meet day to day expenses:

The 'science' is that carbon trading profits are used by European governments to pad budgets and sustain bureaucracies. It's not a rumor, this article states where the money goes:

5/30/11, "Exclusive: EU energy plan threatens carbon billions," Reuters, Pete Harrison

"The Europe Union's carbon market could be flooded with excess pollution permits over the next decade, cutting prices in half and depriving governments of billions in budgeted revenues, EU sources say.

"There's a real concern of negative impacts on prices if the issue is not properly addressed," one EU source said on condition of anonymity. "Some of the studies imply that carbon prices will collapse."

It is not clear, however, whether European governments will support measures that would erode carbon prices, which would put a severe dent in budgeted government revenues in 2013-2020."...


Gordon Brown said the carbon trading market was key to London's future:

1/25/10, "Don't let the carbon market die," UK Guardian, Oliver Tickell


Prince Charles is "patron" of powerful corporations that need CO2 trading to survive.

12/15/11, "Firms say low carbon price threatens EU green targets," BBC

"The EU Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change (EUCLG) includes Royal Dutch Shell, Enel, Alstom and Acciona.

EU carbon permits have dropped 55% in price this year, to 6.45 euros (£5.40).

ETS permits, each representing a tonne of carbon emissions, are traded to give industry a financial incentive to cut CO2 emissions and invest instead in green energy.

The EUCLG's patron is Britain's Prince Charles."


The future financial survival of the UK Monarchy is dependent on the world continuing to believe in catastrophic man made global warming. It will be making much of its money on lease payments for offshore wind turbines. Obviously, the UK Met Office and BBC will come up with whatever temperatures are necessary:

10/24/10, "Queen's £38m a year windfarm windfall," This is money,


12/31/10, "One's in the money! Why Prince Charles's secret 20-year campaign could make him the richest king in history," UK Daily Mail, G. Levy


2/9/11, "UK's Prince Charles blasts climate-change skeptics," AP


10/24/10, "'It is wholly inappropriate that the Palace should have such a direct interest in a subject like windfarms, given Prince Charles's obsession with renewable energy. It raises the question as to whether he is seeking to increase his own

each time he makes a favourable reference to wind power.'"


11/20/11, "BBC Environment Analyst (Roger Harrabin) Received 15000 Pounds From ClimateGate University," NewsBusters, Noel Sheppard


4/13/12, "Twice as Many Emperor Penguins as Thought in Antarctica, First-Ever Penguin Count from Space Shows," Science Daily


Reference for Arctic and Antarctic sea ice measurements, "Sea Ice Reference Page"

"Global Sea Ice Reference Page: Arctic and Antarctic current graphs and imagery"

Many up to date sources.


US taxpayers even gave at least $1.5 million to the UK ClimateGate guys:

5/7/2008, ClimateGate 2.0 email #3338

"5/7/2008, subject: RE: Request for Cost date for DOE Grant to: "Jones Philip Prof \(ENV\)"

"Dear Phil, I have reconciled the account to date and propose to send the following figures - all in US$

Received to date 1,589,632.00...

4/30/2008, Subject: Fwd: Request for Cost date for DOE Grant"...


11/20/2011, "
Roger Harrabin, BBC Environment Analyst Received 15000 Pounds From ClimateGate University," NewsBusters


1/3/12, "U.S. Taxpayers Cover Nearly Half the Cost of U.N.’s Global Warming Panel," CNS News, E. Harrington


Nov. 18, 2011, "What price the new democracy? Goldman Sachs conquers Europe," UK Independent, Stephen Foley

Ed. note: No UK or EU related group can possibly come back from the Antarctic and report that sea ice is fine and in effect the UK monarchy is at an end.


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