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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Impossible for US intel to validly have 'high confidence' when relying on secondhand information and CrowdStrike supplied forensics-Steve McIntyre, 9/24/17

9/23/17, "Guccifer 2 and “Russian” Metadata," Steve McIntyre, Climate Audit 


9/24/17, at 11:26 am, Steve McIntyre comments: 


Responding to comment: ""There is no way for the US IC to have a "high confidence" of anything using only secondhand information and CrowdStrike supplied forensics. Anyone disagree?" 

I think that there’s considerable amount of deception in US intel community assessments, in which they imply supersecret “sources” but in reality they have little more than open source content. I agree that it is impossible for US IC to VALIDLY have high confidence “using secondhand information and Crowdstrike supplied forensics”, but think that it is entirely possible for them to say that they have “high confidence” despite only using using secondhand information and Crowdstrike supplied forensics”." 

9/24/17, 5:05pm: Steve McIntyre comments:
"Something that makes me wonder, Thinking back, I don’t remember that the DNC hack being such a huge issue in real time. Didn't it first become an issue because of the October 7 intel community finding. At that time, the intel community, especially John Brennan, was consumed by teasers from the fraudulent Steele dossier which was the first document that purported to link Trump to the DNC hack. The development of the DNC hack theory and the fake dossier seem to go hand in hand."



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