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Monday, September 11, 2017

American Dreamers sidelined by decades of financialization of America. Since failed Central Bank policies are largely to blame, it's appropriate that US opioid crisis has been noticed by Fed. Reserve Chair Yellen-Stock Board Asset via Zero Hedge...(Thanks again to Republican 'leaders' who for decades have enabled this)

 9/11/17, "Inside The Opioid Crisis: What The Mainstream Media Won't Let You See," by, via zero hedge 

"America’s opioid crisis is accelerating and could kill nearly ‘half a million people’ over the next decade....

Princeton professor and former Obama White House economist Alan Krueger is out with a Bookings paper titled: Where Have All the Workers Gone? An Inquiry Into The Decline Of The U.S. Labor Force Participation Rate. In the report, Krueger gives it his best to correlate the “mushrooming opioid crisis in the U.S. since the early 2000’s” in connection between the use of “pain medication and opioid prescription rates” with the declining labor force of prime age males....

In a classic ‘bait and switch’ marketing tactic, the Federal Reserve’s transitory narrative is running out of time. To be safe, Fed officials have started countering their narrative of ‘rainbows and unicorns’ with talk of an existential threat called the opioid crisis.
Per Bloomberg, [7/20/17, "Here’s Why Yellen’s Fed Cares About America’s Opioid Epidemic," Jeanna Smialek] 

“We are seeing, as I mentioned, an increase in death rates — which is extremely unusual,” Yellen said last week. That trend is “partly reflecting opioid use, and it is obviously a very serious and heartbreaking problem.”...

In terms of wealth inequality, the American middle class has not earned their fair share of wages and salaries as % GDP in decades.....

Conclusion: The opioid crisis is a lot worse than we thought. Government and the Federal Reserve are powerless with the next leg up in the crisis underway. No matter how you see it, America is in structural decline. Officials are now diverting blame to the opioid crisis rather than their failed policies. In reality, the opioid crisis is just a a symptom of a dying empire where wealth inequality is wide through failed Central Bank monetary policies.  

After decades of finacialization in America, the side effects are finally showing its ugly head. Heed the warning."...(end of article)


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