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Monday, September 4, 2017

Advanced countries continue to hurt their own citizens and economic growth for no reason. High CO2 from developing countries immediately nullifies the sacrifices of others. Obviously this isn't achieving global environmental benefits, so why does it continue?-Jack Mintz, 5/8/2013, Financial Post

5/8/2013, "Jack Mintz: Canada unfairly Gored," Financial Post, Jack Mintz 

"Despite the efforts in the advanced countries to reduce GHG emissions, their efforts are swamped by the huge increase of such emissions in emerging economies. If climate policies have any effect, they must be achievable at the global level. It makes little sense for advanced countries to take on policies that hurt their own economic growth if environmental benefits are unattainable....

Western countries are digging ditches, only to see them filled up by emerging countries following up from behind.... 

Carbon emissions coming from the emerging countries swamp trends from advanced countries in North America and Europe. China alone has increased carbon emissions by almost 60% from 2005 to 2011. The absolute increase in metric tons is three times more than all the reduction that has taken place in all of Canada, Europe, Japan, and the United States. Add India and Russia to China and CO2 emissions have increased by four billion metric tons in six years time."...

 "Jack M. Mintz the Palmer Chair, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary"  



"Funding appears to be driving the science rather than the other way around....[32]" (item #11) 



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