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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Trump knowingly hired top personnel who strongly disagree with foreign policy views for which he was elected. The Deep State war mongers he has hired are bringing in people even worse than Obama appointees-Strategic Culture Foundation, Jatras...(Trump is by no means 'flailing helplessly.' He set all of this up himself)

It's no longer believable that Trump is "flailing helplessly." If you knowingly hire Deep State members for top positions, you're going to get Deep State policies. It's Trump's voters who are flailing helplessly.

8/4/17, "Isolated Trump Flails Helplessly as He Bows to Irrational Policies on Russia and Europe Imposed by Congress," Strategic Culture Foundation, James George Jatras 

"Not only is Congress almost totally united against his foreign policy campaign positions, almost everyone in his own administration is too. Personnel selections in foreign and national security policy are overwhelmingly from the neoconservative and Republican «Never Trump» camp informally led by former losing GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Trump loyalists and people who might actually agree with his campaign positions are systematically blackballed. Those getting jobs in the administration are sometimes, to the extent humanly possible, even worse than the Obama appointees they are slowly supplanting. On Russia, anyway, it seems about the only Trumper in his administration is the president himself. Even his cutoff of CIA weapons to al-Qaeda linked jihadists cannot be secure as the «al-Assad has no role in the future governing of Syria» meme returns."...


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