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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Stop the hate: Stu Rothenberg is UNFIT to be a self-appointed Washington DC superior. He repeatedly smears 2 million Americans from West Virginia with his bigotry and hatred, says they can't speak English, can't earn a living, are closed-minded, easily misled, and have poor high school graduation rates

8/4/17, "West Virginia Rally Just Makes Washington Hate Trump More," Rush Limbaugh

"RUSH: I told you it was gonna be this way, and now we’ve got the evidence....

8/3/17, W. Va. Trump rally
Rather than that crowd inspiring the swamp to think, “You know what? We may be on the wrong side of this,” steels the swamp’s resolve to want to take away the election results from you even more. How much of you know the name Stu Rothenberg?...“Pollster, political consultant, activist, appears on TV now and then as a commentator.” He hangs out with think tank people....He is regularly trotted out 


He went on a tweet storm last night. He was beside himself watching this. I quote here from Ben Shapiro’s website, The Daily Wire. The author here is John Nolte. “While President Trump was wowing his supporters last night at a West Virginia rally — where the governor of that once-Democrat stronghold announced his shift from the Democrat to Republican Party —  

[Stuart Rothenberg] let loose a few [tweets]; unleashed a torrent of prejudice against an entire state filled with more than 2 million Americans. The problem is, it was mostly lies…

Rothenberg, a plugged-in and longstanding member of the [Washington] elite, started with this smear about the people of West Virginia…” Here’s what he tweeted.

Lots of people in West Virginia can’t support themselves or speak English.' 

This is one of the most highly reputed and respected members of the Washington elite, Stu Rothenberg. He is 70 years old — and he’s white, by the way — and yet he has survived. White and 70 years old — an old white Democrat whose hatreds and bigotry have just been compounding. 

They have been seething in rage ever since Trump won the election, and he’s watching…They’re gonna be ticked off at Trump and they’re gonna be really mad at the people of West Virginia. They’re not gonna see that they gotta change their ways.” Stuart Rothenberg at 7:49 p.m. last night tweeted, quote, “Lots of people in West Virginia can’t support themselves or speak English.That sounds like the Democrat Party constituency, to me!
What’s he doing putting it down? 

That’s exactly the kind of people the Democrat Party’s been cultivating: People who can’t speak English and can’t support themselves!...These are the kind of people the Democrat Party wants to build their power base on....

But here’s the elite...They are filled with rage over these rallies last night where Trump is loved, adored, supported, applauded. They don’t have any compunction about taking your election away from you. None whatsoever.

You’re too stupid and dumb to know what to do right anyway. West Virginia’s unemployment rate. Do you know what it is? It’s 4.6%...which ranks it above California, Delaware, Illinois, Connecticut, and Washington D.C.--all Democrat strongholds. As far as English speaking, according to [a] map from the Washington Post, that isn’t even close to a problem in West Virginia” where most people do speak English....

(Rush:) There was a time not long ago when Stu Rothenberg literally loved West Virginia. You know when that was? When it was represented by a former Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan. 

When Senator Robert Byrd was a senator from West Virginia, I will guarantee you that Stu Rothenberg thought West Virginia was crucial, important, and even a bellwether in presidential elections.

I’ll bet Stuart Rothenberg didn’t say one thing about the intelligence (or lack of) or the education (or lack of) the people in West Virginia who were sending a former Klansman as their representative to the United States Senate.

Don’t forget that “Sheets” Byrd (our popular nickname for him here) filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. But of course Stu Rothenberg, elitist extraordinaire, found nothing wrong with that. He was a Democrat that Hillary and Bill Clinton considered to be their mentor, along with J. William Fulbright. But Trump gets a hero’s welcome and it makes ’em so upset they have to go to Twitter to trash the entire state of West Virginia. That’s who they are, folks."

More from Stu Rothenberg: West Virginia has poor high school grad rate, people there are "close-minded, provincial, angry, and easily misled:"


Of course, later that night, Stu Rothenberg says he was kidding, but then adds,"Did you watch the crowd?":

"He then essayed the "Ha ha it was a joke!" response favored by people who have at least one foot in their mouth but are still too self-important to actually apologize."...

8/5/17, "Trump vs. the Permanent Coastal Privilege Party," Charlie Martin, PJ Media


...images from Top image caption: "Amazing: President Donald Trump BIG ANNOUNCEMENT SPEECH Rally Huntington,West Virginia, Jim Justice


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