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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Communist China dominates the world in CO2 emissions from fossil fuel and cement, emits one third of total-2014 PBL Netherlands report

"Trends in global CO2 emissions: 2013 report," PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, The Hague

China emitted almost one third of total global CO2 emissions in 2013, 10.3 billion tons. And about double that of the US at 5.3 billion tons. 


Dec. 2014, "Trends in global CO2 emissions 2014 Report," PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, EU Commission Joint Research Centre
 p. 4, paragraph 3: "China (10.3 billion tonnes CO2 or 29%), the United States (5.3 billion tonnes CO2 or 15%) and the European Union (EU28) (3.7 billion tonnes CO2 or 11%). China increased its CO2 emissions by 4.2% in 2013."...


"Even in the recent 'global recession' years, China's CO2 emissions continued to increase by about 6% per year."...p. 11

PBL is the "European Commission's in-house science service." (page prior to Table of Contents) 


1/27/2014, "China’s Growing Coal Use Is World’s Growing Problem,", Eric Larson 

image from Climate Central


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