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Friday, January 6, 2017

Who'll be the next Hall of Famer for each MLB team? Schoenfield, ESPN, 1/5/17

1/5/2017, "Who will be the next Hall of Famer for each MLB team?", Dave Schoenfield

"New York Yankees: Mariano Rivera (2019). Hoffman better get elected in 2018 because Rivera hits the ballot in 2019, and that will cost Hoffman some votes because he pales in comparison. Hoffman might be second behind Rivera in career saves, but they aren’t close in career value or dominance: Rivera had 57.1 WAR compared to Hoffman’s 28.4, and that’s before you get to the postseason, in which Hoffman flopped while Rivera starred. The only question here is whether Rivera will top Ken Griffey Jr.’s record percentage of 99.3."...

Mariano Rivera

Trevor Hoffman


Added: 1/20/17, "Who will be the next Hall of Famer from each of the 30 MLB teams?" USA Today, Ted Berg

"New York Yankees: Layup: It’s Mariano Rivera. An obvious first-ballot guy, the best of all time at his position, and a guy who — get this — threw 141 career postseason innings with a 0.70 ERA. Tack those innings on to his career regular-season totals and it’d lower his ERA from an astonishing 2.21 mark to an even more astonishing 2.06. Rivera pitched through one of the best offensive eras in baseball history and yielded Deadball Era numbers."

Ed. note: Normally I would've posted the above on one of my baseball blogs. Since 2006 I've had a blog called Mariano Rivera Highlights about the now retired Yankee relief pitcher. Apparently google has closed the blog because it wouldn't accept new posts. I tried to post it on my generic baseball blog (since 2005) but that's also been closed.


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