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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Europe's Front Pages after Trump win in November 2016

Nov. 10, 2016, "Victory for Trump: What do the papers say?" (Note: One of the 8 covers below, the Daily News (The NY Daily News, owned by Mort Zuckerman), is not European)

"Donald Trump's astounding victory in the US presidential election dominates Thursday's newspaper front pages....

The Sun leads its coverage with a reminder that The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump's rise to presidency 16 years ago.

On Wednesday, the show's creator said the result was "beyond satire".

The newspaper said Mr Trump "shook the world" as he pulled off a "Brexit-style coup" to become the world's most powerful man.

The Daily Mail said a "revolt" by America's "forgotten white working-class" had "swept Donald Trump to the presidency", which it described as "one of the biggest election upsets in history".

It added that the "seismic victory" would have "repercussions around the world".

The Guardian...remarked that, at 70, the tycoon will be the oldest person ever to become US president, following a "farcical" campaign that began with a ride down an escalator at Trump Tower last year in the days when he was "dismissed as a clown who posed no threat". 

The Times said Donald Trump had "dealt a stinging rebuke to the political establishment" as he "vowed to heal a stunned and divided America".

The newspaper added that the former reality TV star's "unabashed populism" had "electrified blue-collar workers across the rust-belt of the Midwest".

It also drew attention to the White House's warning to Mr Trump not to follow up on his promise to ensure that his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton faced prosecution for using a private email server.

The Daily Telegraph said so-called "Reagan Democrats" had returned to the party in numbers "not seen since the 1980s", when they helped Ronald Reagan to two election victories. 

It said they had "confounded the polls" by turning out across a number of swing states and the Midwest to "hand a humiliating defeat to Hillary Clinton"." images from itv


Comment: My favorite is the Mirror's Statue of Liberty covering her face and asking, "What have they done?" I interpret "they" to mean American voters. We appreciate the mention.


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