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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Stephen F. Cohen gives recent "intelligence" reports a failing grade citing lack of evidence. Podcast of Tues., 1/10/17 Cohen interview on John Batchelor show

Above is podcast of Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017 John Batchelor show interview with Stephen F. Cohen. Cohen says he'd give a grade of F to recent evidence-free "intelligence" reports about Russia meddling in US elections:

Jan. 11, 2017, "Tales of the New Cold War: “Unsubstantiated” Allegation Trump Compromised by Russians. Stephen F. Cohen, @nyu @princeton

1/10/17, NY Times: “…The decision of top intelligence officials to give the president, the president-elect and the so-called Gang of Eight — Republican and Democratic leaders of Congress and the intelligence committees — what they know to be unverified, defamatory material was extremely unusual.

The appendix summarized opposition research memos prepared mainly by a retired British intelligence operative for a Washington political and corporate research firm. The firm was paid for its work first by Mr. Trump’s Republican rivals and later by supporters of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. The Times has checked on a number of the details included in the memos but has been unable to substantiate them.

The memos suggest that for many years, the Russian government of Mr. Putin has looked for ways to influence Mr. Trump, who has traveled repeatedly to Moscow to investigate real estate deals or to oversee the Miss Universe competition, which he owned for several years. Mr. Trump never completed any major deals in Russia, though he discussed them for years….”"



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