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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Not the hottest on record: Peasants in Peru unable to graze their cattle in July due to snow and wind

7/4/15, "Puno: Snow covered town of La Rinconada (photos),", Peru

"In different places Putina province, in the department of Puno, the snow is covering different areas threatening the residents, as in the case of the mining center of La Rinconada.
"Normally in this area are present snowfall, but what is happening now is incredible, from 15:00 pm yesterday began snowfall accompanied by gusts of cold wind," said our correspondent of La Rinconada, Victor Mejia .
At another point he said, "the winds move deep frozen covering all places, becoming a danger to the settlers snow."
At this time the roads are completely covered with snow, the vehicles arrive at their destination, hundreds of vehicles stranded in different areas of the province of Putina.
In peasant communities Ananea district, you can not graze their cattle because pastures are covered with snow, as communicated by the President of the District Farmers Federation Ananea." image: "Puno: Snow covered town of La Rinconada"

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