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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

'I already told you-the Pope is a Jesuit-that means he is a socialist-to the core. Don't screw with me or challenge me on what Jesuits are-I was educated in Jesuit schools for high school, college, medical, and law school.' John 1282, Junk Science

2/2/15, "I already told you–the pope is a jesuit–that means he is a socialist–to the core." Junk Science, john 1282

"Don’t screw with me or challenge me on what the jesuits are–I was educated in jesuit schools for high school, college, medical and law school. Cardinals made a big mistake–or did they? Maybe they wanted an all out socialist–tired of those John Paul types who despised commies. 

Jesuits were the first serious commies of consequence in the Catholic Churchthe pope is a jesuit, the pope is a socialist, he is obligated to adopt the anti capitalist, anti freedom, anti human, collectivist, socialist/COMMUNIST position. That includes the enviro nonsense that is misanthropic. Imagine that. 

Don’t worry if you’re a Catholic, even though communists are atheists, the socialist Catholics can handle it–God will just have to be quiet and wait while they work on their utopian dream and play footsies with the hard line commies. 

Oh, I guess I should clarify–the commies don’t have a utopian dream of making something good–they really are just about destroying the only system that works, free market capitalism–it insults their sense of importance and frustrates their aspirations to be the elites that are in charge. Commies are, at their core egomaniacs with elitist aspirations."


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