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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Pope says the best way to respond to threats of terrorism and Muslim fundamentalism is "always meekness"

1/15/15, "Full transcript of Pope's interview in-flight to Manila," Catholic News Agency, by Alan Holdren and Andrea Gagliarducci
"Pope Francis discussed his trip, his recent canonizations, the upcoming encyclical on ecology, and reasonable limits to freedom of expression. Below is a full transcript of the discussion between Pope Francis and journalists during Thursday's flight:"...
One of the journalists asks the Pope if he fears for his own safety in light of Islamic terrorism, and in general what is his response to the threat of Islamic fundamentalism. The Pope says the best way to respond is "always meekness:" 
"Ignazio Ingrao (Panorama): Holiness, there is much worry in the world for your safety. According to Israeli and American security services, The Vatican may be even a target of Islamic terrorists. On fundamentalist web sites the Muslim flag has been depicted flying from St. Peter's. There are worries for your security when you go abroad. We know that you don't want to lose contact with the people. At this point, is it necessary to change something in your behaviour, in your plans? Is there also fear for the security of faithful who take part to your celebrations. Are you worried about this? And more in general, what is the best way to respond to this threat of fundamentalist Muslims?

Pope Francis: "The best way to respond is always meekness -- being meek, humble. Like bread, no? Without being aggressive – I feel this way. There are some who do not understand this. And I am concerned for the faithful, truly. I have spoken with Vatican security about this: here on flight there is (the chief of Vatican police) Mr. Giani who is charged with solving this, he is updated about this problem. This concerns me, no? It concerns me enough. I have fear, but I you know I have a defect, a good dose of unawareness. I am unaware of these things.

Some times I ask myself: what if it happened to me? I have said to the Lord, 'I only want to ask you one grace. Don't let me come to harm, because I am not courageous in the face of pain, I am very, very fearful'… But they can take security measures that are prudent, but secure. Then, we will see."..." 


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