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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Icicles transform Michigan's St. Joseph Lighthouse, Jan. 8, 2015

Captions for above 12 photos from UK Daily Mail starting at top:

1. "Stunning: This photo, captured by Joshua Nowicki, shows St Joseph Lighthouse and its pier, in Michigan, both of which are completely blanketed in white icicles. It also features a number of circular formations of ice - which Mr Nowicki dubs 'ice pancakes' - on the shore."
4. "Blanketed: A student walks through a Calvin College parking lot filled with snow-covered cars on Friday in Grand Rapids, Michigan."

5. "Cold weather: In Northeast New York, residents are preparing to deal with between one to five feet of snow today. Above, Spanish tourists are pictured taking a photo of the New York skyline on a snow-covered viewing area of Jersey City in New Jersey on Friday afternoon"

6. "Making the most of the snow: Colin Ferris, 11, plays goalkeeper during a game of hockey at Muskegon Winter Sports Complex, Michigan"

7. "Geared up: A jogger wearing reflective sunglasses makes his way north along State Street as snow falls in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Friday"

8. "Clearing up: A snow plow makes its way down South Western Avenue in Marion, Indiana, on Friday as temperatures fell to below zero"

9. "Aftermath: Doug Brende, of Sioux Falls, is pictured shoveling snow from the sidewalk outside his house on Friday following strong winds"

10. "Picturesque: This photograph shows a black horse walking in a field on Kennedy Creek Road in Pennsylvania during a brief snow squall"

11. "Stuck in the snow: Also in Buffalo, a fresh layer of snow covers cars in Norwood Avenue, making it difficult for people to get to work"

12. "Out of service: In this photo, snow is pictured covering a wooden rollercoaster at Michigan's Adventure in North Muskegon, Michigan"
1/10/15, "Stunning pictures of Michigan's St Joseph Lighthouse transformed into giant icicles as arctic blast continues to sweep across the US," UK Daily Mail, by Sophie Jane Evans


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