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Friday, February 21, 2014

The anti-war movement doesn't exist-Rush Limbaugh

2/21/14, "There is No Resistance to the Regime," Rush Limbaugh

Bush effigy 2004
"There's nobody marching on Washington like there was during the Iraq war-- and, by the way, about that. Do you realize now that the body count in Afghanistan is way beyond the body count in Iraq, and where is the anti-war movement?  Where are the Cindy Sheehans? Where are all those people that were calling Bush a murderer? Where are all of those people demanding we get out of Iraq? 
Where are all of those people? 

Occupy Wall Street? Where are they They were so concerned about the loss of life in the military, so concerned about an endless war.  Where are they?  They're nowhere, are they?  The anti-war movement doesn't really exist.  What are we to conclude from that?  It's very simple: There is no anti-war movement.  If there were an anti-war movement, it would be alive and kicking and protesting and marching on Washington and demanding that Obama close Gitmo like he promised.

They'd be demanding to get out of Afghanistan, and they would be making sure that the news kept track of the body count from Afghanistan every week like we did in Iraq. None of that is happening, but that's all that happens.  I mean, that was daily, and during the Bush administration, while all that was going on there were books being written, and movies being produced on the assassination of George W. Bush, if you recall. 

The anti-war movement had newsworthy figures that were on television all the time.  Cindy Sheehan.  People out in San Francisco.  But now they're nowhere to be found.  So maybe they're not really part of an anti-war movement.  Maybe all they are is leftist activists who will take any occasion during a Republican presidency to protest it and feed the news media with reasons to portray a country that's dispirited, enraged, angry, not unified, a country torn apart, a country roiling. 

Now, look. We have big scandal after big scandal. 

We've got Benghazi and four Americans dead.


We have a body count dwarfing Iraq in Afghanistan.


We have one-sixth of the US economy that has literally been destroyed
in the process of moving it from the private sector to government, and we've got...

We've got Barack Obama today saying "the era of austerity is over."  I don't know if you've heard this, but he said, "Okay, we're through now with our budget cutbacks."  We've gone from a $10 trillion national debt to nearly $17 trillion in Obama's five years and he's saying (summarized), "This is the era of austerity, and it's over now.  We've cut back now.  We've got to really start spending." 


We have both parties willing to open the borders and allow a flood of illegal immigrants and there's...


There's nothing happening. 

We have people losing their jobs left and right and the government is saying, "That's good! You are liberated.  You're no longer a prisoner of 'job block.'" "....image above and many more from ZombieTime


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