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Friday, February 14, 2014

Sochi, Russia is a subtropical climate, one of warmest places in Russia in winter. For $1 billion/day global warming industry it's perfect place to stage Winter Olympics. With world watching they can say warm temps are due to global warming and US taxpayers must pay billions-NY Times

In 2012 alone $1 billion a day was "invested" in the notion of "global warming.

2/7/14, "The End of Snow?" NY Times, Porter Fox, op-ed. "Of the 19 cities that have hosted the Winter Olympics, as few as 10 might be cold enough by midcentury to host them again."...


3/6/2010, "Tarnishing Hockey’s Golden Moment," NY Times, Dave Anderson

Subtropical Sochi, NY Times
"Questions about the Sochi site add to the situation. The Winter Games there would be an “economic and ecological catastrophe,” Boris Y. Nemtsov, a former Russian deputy prime minister, told Foreign Policy magazine last week.

“He,” Nemtsov said, referring to Putin, “has found one of the only places in Russia where there is no snow in the winter. He has decided to build these ice rinks in the warmest part of the warmest region. Sochi is subtropical. There is no tradition of snow or hockey there. In Sochi, we prefer football, volleyball and swimming. Other parts of Russia need ice palaces. We don’t. Sometimes, it seems like God doesn’t even want the Olympics in Sochi.” 

Nemtsov said the “bigger concerns are organized crime, which is very active there, and government corruption.”

He added that “roughly 5,000 people were forced out” of their homes to create room for Olympic facilities but that “thanks to the corruption and incompetence of authorities,” those people have not been “adequately compensated for their property or been given equivalent housing elsewhere, as they were promised.”" caption, "A subtropical climate is one of the issues Sochi, Russia, is facing as the host of the 2014 Games," photo NY Times


2/11/14, "Don't sweat it: Sochi's warm weather explained," CNN, Brandon Miller, Meteorologist 
"Most people think of Russia in winter and picture the snow-covered cathedrals of Moscow, where average temperatures in February range between minus 10 Celsius (14 Fahrenheit) and minus 4 C (24.8 F) and all but require the wearing of those iconic fur hats.

Sochi, however, is one of the southernmost cities in Russia.

It's located over 1,000 km south of Moscow and has a completely different climate. Indeed, on most winter days, Sochi (and the nearby town of Adler, where many of the events are being held) are the warmest locations in the country."...


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