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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

After farm bill passes and with his 'GOP' pals now on board with CO2 fraud transferring taxpayer dollars to millionaires and billionaires, Obama opens 10 'climate hubs' in denial of scientific consensus that excess CO2 only exists in China

2/5/14, "Obama launches 'climate hubs' to help farmers and communities," The Hill, Laura Barron-Lopez

"The Obama administration will announce the establishment of regional hubs focused on mitigating climate change on Wednesday.

The hubs are the first-ever regional centers that will focus solely on risk adaptation and climate change solutions at seven locations across the country. 

"On the heels of passage of the farm bill, the administration will take executive action to help farmers, ranchers and rural communities combat climate change and adapt to extreme weather and other damage it causes," a White House official said in an email ahead of Wednesday's announcement. 

Dubbed "climate hubs," the new centers will address issues like increasing risks of fires, invasive pests, devastating floods and crippling droughts, the official said. The centers will aim to translate science and research into usable information for farmers, ranchers and forest landowners to adjust their resource management.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will formally announce the new initiative during the daily White House press briefing on Wednesday. Vilsack mentioned his intention to first create the hubs last summer.

“For generations, America's farmers, ranchers and forest landowners have innovated and adapted to challenges," Vilsack said in a statement on Wednesday.

"Today, they face a new and more complex threat in the form of a changing and shifting climate, which impacts both our nation's forests and our farmers' bottom lines."

"USDA's Climate Hubs are part of our broad commitment to developing the next generation of climate solutions, so that our agricultural leaders have the modern technologies and tools they need to adapt and succeed in the face of a changing climate," Vilsack added.
The seven designated locations for the hubs will service the surrounding region with climate change information and outreach.

The new climate hubs will be established in

North Carolina,   
New Hampshire,   
Oregon, and  
New Mexico.

There will also be three sub-hubs in Michigan, Puerto Rico and California."
via Free Rep.


With only one functioning political party in the US it's easy to force Americans to pay for excess CO2 that only exists in China, funnel their taxpayer dollars to billionaire thugs in the "climate" industry, and make a "geopolitical statement" to benefit genocidal European monarchs and parasites:

2/5/14, "U.S. to launch 'climate hubs' to help farmers face climate change," Reuters, Jeff Mason

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the effects of climate change have led to a longer crop growing season in the Midwest, a fire season that is 60 days longer than it was three decades ago, and droughts that cost the United States $50 billion from 2011-2013."... (no links to the statistics in the article) via Tom Nelson


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