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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Snow, sub zero temperatures across Central Russia complicate travel

1/15/14, "Snow and ice in the next day worsen the traffic situation in Central Russia,"

"Blizzard and icy conditions complicate the traffic situation in some regions of the Central Federal District (CFD). In the next day there will come a cyclone from Europe, the site of the Russian Meteorological .
Due to the deteriorating weather conditions motorists and pedestrians are asked to be extremely careful.
In Moscow and Moscow region on January 16 is expected to snow, wind gusts of 12-15 m / s. Possible blizzard and sleet. The temperature during the day in the capital will be from minus 7 to minus 9 degrees in the region - to minus 12 degrees.
In Tver, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo and Vladimir regions held light snow. In this part of the CFA daytime temperatures range from minus 7 to minus 13 degrees, night - minus 10-15 degrees.
In Ryazan region overnight snow day go into strong. In the daytime is to minus eight degrees. In the Kaluga region is possible heavy snowfall expected wind gusts 13-18 m / s. The thermometer can drop to minus 10 degrees. 
In Bryansk and Oryol regions sleet likely, the temperature will range from zero to minus 5 degrees. In Smolensk and Tula regions expected heavy snow and frost to minus 10 degrees." via

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